Saturday 17 November 2012


The Blind Summit Recordings cover art

Harvester is a Stoner Metal band from Galway, Ireland

The members are:

Bryan Higgins- Guitar
Gavin Grealy- Guitar, Vocals
Steve Loughney - Bass
Kenn Sweeney - Drums

I am going to let Harvester themselves to the talking about their great band and brilliant blend of music. Should get you all intrigued.

Harvester are a stoner metal band from Galway in the west of Ireland. We recently released a 6 track EP 'The Blind Summit Recordings' for free download on bandcamp. 

Harvester consist of former and current members of Rites Them Martyrs and Gummidge The band was formed through a mutual love of Black Sabbath and Guinness. 

The Ep was recorded in September 2012 at The Hive Studios a year after the band formed in 2011. We draw influence for the greats, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Sleep, Rory Gallagher, and newer bands Graveyard, Torche, High On Fire etc.

So did that get you interested. As it did for me when I finally checked them out after my recent break.away.

The Blind Summit Recordings is simply put - FUCKING AWESOME with a capital FUCKING in-between. These guys seriously know how to write a top-notch tune with cracking vocals and riffs to match.

If your a fan of the bands mentioned above then your going to love it. Check out the opening riffs of Cosmonautical Mile. A song that will have you head-banging in no time at all.

We all know that Ireland has a rich history of providing amazing Hard Rocking Bands - Thin Lizzy being one and one that is my all time fave bands.

I have featured Bryan's other band Rites before on this blog. So their pedigree is not in question. Harvester are a kick-ass band that would go down a storm on the live stage. They have a magnetic presence you can hear straight away in their music.

Check out other excellent tracks Circle Eater, Old Blood and my fave track - All Roads Led Away.

This is some of the finest hard-rocking 30 minutes your ever going to encounter in 2012. It will leave you with a big smile on your face. And it's an album you will be coming back for more.

All in all an outstanding release from another excellent band to check out. What is even better you can download this for free from BandCamp right now. So don't delay just headover and get downloading right now.

Phil Lynott would be proud of these guys. Fucking Awesome.

Check This Great Band Below: