Thursday 8 November 2012

Bloody Hammers - S/T Album Review

Bloody Hammers cover art

Bloody Hammers is an Occult Rock/Stoner/Doom Metal Band from Charlotte, NC, USA

The members are:

Vocals, Bass: Anders Manga
Organ: Devallia
Guitar: Zoltan
Drums: Curse

There have been many cool Occult based Stoner/Doom Metal bands we have reviewed this year – Black Magician, Orcus Chylde, Royal Thunder amongst others but Bloody Hammers are the best band I have heard this year dealing in all things based.

They have just released their incredible S/T debut album. A 10 song majestic dark odyssey that blends Doom, Stoner and Occult based rock to truly hypnotic effect.

Opening track – Witch Of Endor – will show you what to expect on this excellent album. Excellent riffs from the start with a dark vibe to it that has a chilling story to it. The vocals add an air of menace to proceedings as well. Just sit back and enjoy the next 45 mins or so. As Bloody Hammers are here to take over your body, mind and soul with spooky tales of the occult!!!

Up next is my fave track off the album – Fear No Evil – that has a slight 70’s feel to it but mixed with elements of great modern Based Doom/Stoner Metal. This could be a great single for everyone to check out this great band. As it shows what great songwriters the band actually are.

Imagine if Ancient VVisdom decided to leave the acoustic part of their music behind, well they would sound a lot like this excellent band. Bloody Hammers know how to crank up the tension and fear factor on the album as it has many chilling moments.

Bloody Hammers mix dark lyrics and brilliant vocals to highly original effect especially on excellent track – Say Goodbye To The Sun. A track that is scarier than Hollywood’s recent pitiful attempts at horror. Bloody Hammers lyrics on this track are simply sublime. They convey a dark haunting presence that I could not get enough of. Say Goodbye To The Sun is a dark brooding masterpiece, which will leave your begging for more.

This album is going to go down a storm with the Doom/Occult/Stoner Metal crowd. As it oozes originality that most bands could never reach. Other great tracks to check out are – The Witching Hour, Beyond The Door and Souls On Fire. The riffs, vocals and lyrics are brilliantly put together. Each track telling a dark story that will have your intrigued from the word go.

You can hear a slight distinct grunge feel to Bloody Hammers music as well. A dark and twisted Alice In Chains vibe. Bloody Hammers still show their own original take on all things Rock and Roll.

The production is immense. Each twisted note and lyric played to spine tingling perfection. This album is the perfect platform to showcase Bloody Hammers talent and vision. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. This is the start of a long rewarding career for this excellent band.

As they have the talent and vision to back up their immense talent. I bought this album originally last month and it has been on constant rotation ever since. It gets better with each and every listen. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

This album will be gaining praise all over the place when it’s released on CD and Vinyl on Soulseller Records (USA) and Nuclear Blast (Europe) on November 22nd.

But you can buy this now on all the usual digital outlets. BandCamp, iTunes and Amazon.

Don’t delay buy this masterpiece now. You won’t be sorry. We at Sludgelord are massive fans of this great band. And you will once you hear the menacing power of Bloody Hammers.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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