Saturday 24 November 2012

Bevar Sea - S/T Album Review

Bevar Sea cover art

Bevar Sea are a Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Bangalore, India.

The members are:

Ganesh Krishnaswamy - Vocals, lyrics
Srikanth Panaman - Guitars, songs
Rahul Chacko - Guitars, art
Avinash Ramchander - Bass
Deepak Raghu - Drums, designs

Now I have been a fan of these hugely talented Stoner Metallers since Sept 2011 when I originally featured them. Fellow Blog Viewer and good friend of the Blog - Sidd - introduced them to me. Sidd also designed the Sludgelord Logo so you see today.

Well Bevar Sea are a back a year later with their kick-ass and stunning S/T debut album. A 4 song and 43 minute blast of superb Stoner Metal riffs.

OK some of these songs might of been available before on their excellent well received debut EP's but the guys have reworked and even made these tracks slightly longer. The 17 minute epic - Mono Gnome for example.

Yeah plus the guys got a legend called Billy Anderson to mix and master their new album. And the results are just fucking awesome. Everything is played to loud brutal perfection.

Up first - The Smiler is 7:41 minutes of stunning Doom/Stoner Metal riffs that shows what a truly talented Bevar Sea actually are. Their is no fucking about here. Bevar Sea get down to business of playing heavy pummelling Doom/Stoner Metal riffs the legendary bands of the past would approve of.

If your into Kyuss, Sleep, Church Of Misery, Sabbath and High On Fire well there is a new band for you to worship.

Abishtu is up next with stunning riffs to match the awesome vocals of Ganesh. The guys add a cool vibe from their homeland and it pays off brilliantly well. It has a great sing-along chorus that would go down a storm in on any Live World Stage. Some of the finest 9 minutes you are ever likely to head-bang to. 

Universal Sleeper is another Bevar Sea epic. Almost 10 mins of pure rock and roll fury mixing 70's classic doom to great effect. The opening riff will have you pumping your Devil's Sign in the air in no time at all. This is probably my fave track on the album as it features everything I love about the Doom/Stoner Metal genre. Great riffs, outstanding vocals courtesy of Ganesh, showing his deep growled front-man persona to perfection. 

Up last is the 17 minute epic - Mono Gnome which should make you a fan of these brilliant rockers by now. It's an epic journey alright but one that is worth taking over and over again. Sabbathian based riffs give this track a slight creepy feel around the 6th/7th minute mark. But the fast paced riffs soon kick in until the 14th minute where everything goes quiet. Wait for about a minute and a cool acoustic track comes kicking in. Showing that Bevar Sea have a sensitive quiet side. Some really excellent intricate guitar playing here.

And that brings the end to a stunning debut album full of action packed riffs that will have you begging for more. Bevar Sea are a band you all need to check out now.

It's an album I have been playing non-stop for the past 4 weeks or so. I can't recommend it highly enough. This is a record you should own all now.

So headover to BandCamp and buy any of the available packages there. Prices start from low as $3.

Highly Recommended. 

Check This Great Band Below: