Sunday 11 November 2012

Cathedraal/Rings Of Rhea/Schematics For Gravity Split Album

Split with Rings of Rhea & Cathedraal cover art

Cathedraal/Rings Of Rhea/Schematics For Gravity Split Album is an excellent album featuring 3 great bands mentioned below:

Swedish Post-Metal band Schematics For Gravity

Ukrainian doom/post-metal-band Rings of Rhea

French Black-metal/post-rock-band Cathedraal


1. Les Chiens Rouges Sont Lâchés
2. Qui Pense Encore à Toi ?
3. La Ville Brûle Depuis Des Jours

Rings Of Rhea
4. Destruction
5. Creation

Schematics For Gravity
6. Cast In The Same Mold
7. Behind Closed Doors

This album is an excellent release showcasing 3 superb bands all doing their own thing. If your into Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Screamo and Experimental based Metal then you will find much to enjoy. All 3 bands bring their own blend of hard-hitting riffs that is very hard to ignore.

All of the tracks are superbly produced and one that makes this one of the best split releases of 2012. Some of the songs on here are really jaw-dropping stuff and it's a release I can't recommend highly enough.

Brilliant. Just headover to BandCamp or Mediafire and download this excellent for free right now. You won't be sorry. Highly Recommended.