Wednesday 21 November 2012

Bright Curse - S/T EP Review

Bright Curse cover art

Bright Curse is a Psych/Heavy/Doom/Stoner Rock Band from London, UK (Though some of the members are originally from France).

The members are: Mainrow, Sammy, Zach

Here is how Bright Curse describe their music and their excellent debut album:

"Deep, dark, hypnotic and addictive, Bright Curse evolves in the Heavy - Psychedelic scene represented by great bands such as Witch, Sleep, Graveyard, Colour Haze.

Our first EP scheduled for the fall of 2012, is produce by JB Pilon, at "Rock of London Studio", and the mastered by Brad Boatright (Portland, Oregon) who worked on the recent reissue of the monolithic Sleep's "Dopesmoker"

Well if your a fans of the above band then your going freak out big time. As Bright Curse debut S/T EP is a stunning introduction for this band.

It's full of heavy psych based dreamy Doom/Stoner Rock Riffs. You can hear certain elements of the bands mentioned above but Bright Curse are still their own band.

Opening track - A Sonic Wave - is appropriately titled as it's a 1:16 minute blast showing you what to expect for the next 36 mins or so. Intense Psych/Doom/Stoner Rock riffage of the highest order.

Up next is - The Hermit - a 7:36 minute track which is driven by some sublime intense vocals adding fuel to this superb 70's psych riffage on show. This is a track that showcases what a truly talented band Bright Curse really are. Especially for their first release.

Unknown Mistress starts off with a hard-rocking 70's guitar riff played at a cool slow-to mid pace tempo which focuses more on vocals and lyrics than the guitar riffs. Throw in superb drumming on this track and it shows that Bright Curse can write a Stadium Arena Rock track before exploding into a loud vacuum of noise for the last minute or so.

For the last two songs, Bright Curse have saved the best for last. Two epic 9 minute tracks - What's Beyond The Sun and Mind Traveller.

What's Beyond The Sun features out of this world lyrics to take you into Space and Beyond. It might feel a mid-paced dream like pop song but wait until the 3rd minute or so when this song explodes into life. It takes on another feel altogether. Harnessing the energy what has came before it and multiplying it by an infinite amount of head-banging riffs. This is a song for all you Space Rock lovers. A song you can easily get lost in before being finally awoken of the heavy riffage lurking in the background.

Last track - Mind Traveller - is another epic track that really does make your mind wander through different dimensions of time and space. It starts off like a heavy kick to the head and stays that way until the dying seconds. Vocals are delivered with the right amount of aggression and passion to deliver the excellent lyrics telling a superb story. But the main selling point is the more awesome riffs on show.

Bright Curse have delivered a wonderful package of Psych Based Stoner/Doom Rock drenched in out of this world Space Rock vibes. Their debut album is a must have for all rock fans not just the Doom/Stoner Rock crowd. This is an album that can be enjoyed by and self respecting rock fan.

It's brilliantly produced and mastered which isn't surprising with the talent behind the desks. But this is Bright Curse's show. And this album showcases their talents to perfection.

Bright Curse are a band here to stay and one that will only get better as time goes by. If this is just an EP then I can't wait to hear what they have in store for their proper debut full length record. It will no doubt be something special.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Bright Curse are looking for a label to release their brilliant debut album. So if anyone is interested in releasing this get in touch with the guys ASAP. You won't be sorry.

Check This Great Band Below: