Saturday 24 November 2012


The Burden Is So Heavy... cover art

Marble Chariot is a Doom Metal Band from Bordeaux, France

Marble Chariot are a powerful and hard-hitting Doom Metal Band influenced by a whole range of bands as mentioned in their own words outlined below:

"Bordeaux Doom Metal Band MARBLE CHARIOT formed in the late 2011's year with the goal of creating a band whose sound delivered an updated take on the member's long list of favourite heavy and doom metal greats. Worshipping the godfathers of this church: BLACK SABBATH, ST VITUS, PAGAN ALTAR, TROUBLE, COUNT RAVEN and their proudly children of grave like REVEREND BIZARRE, ORODRUIN, HOUR OF 13, THE GATES OF SLUMBER and many more, 

MARBLE CHARIOT draw deep from heavy metal's most powerful blood and deliver doom in it's purest form.

The band is proud to present his first psalm entitled "the burden is so heavy ..." EP containing 3 tracks of uncompromising traditional doom chants."

The band's debut EP - The Burden Is So Heavy - is a colossal heavy slab of Doom Metal riffs blending Hard Rock and Stoner Metal to rock the fuck out to.

It's 29 minutes of Doom Metal that will instantly have you hooked from the word go. Especially the superb James Hetfield style vocals on first track - Orphans Of Doom.

The 7 minutes instantly pounds you into submission and showcases another great French Doom Metal Band. (Like they need them. France already has too many great Stoner/Doom Metal Bands about at the moment).

Up next is the 11:42 minute epic - The Wandering Soul - A track that features some mighty fine down-tuned Doom Metal riffs played at a mid-tempo pace but one that speeds up nearer the end. The song that slowly builds it's tone and atmosphere through finely tuned guitar riffs and hollow earthly vocals as well.

Final Track - For Long Lost Friends is a 10 minute plus epic to show you what the band can do Playing sublime riffs that the Doom Metal crowd will instantly love. The song feature some of the best riffs and drumming on the EP. Marble Chariot have indeed saved the best for last. This is the song that showcases the band's talents to the world. Intense riffs, powerful drumming and excellent vocals make sure this EP ends on a high.

It's brilliantly produced. Some people might complain about the vocals not having enough depth but I feel they match the eerie riffs on show perfectly well.

A great end to a superb EP which you can download for free from BandCamp right now. So headover their now if you want a slab of heavy monolithic Doom Metal with style and substance to match.

Highly Recommended.

Check This Great Band Below: