Thursday 8 November 2012

CROBOT - Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer Review

Crobot are a Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Pottsville, PA, USA

The members are:

Brandon Yeagley - Lead Vocals, Harp
Bishop - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Grim - Bass
Tony Kobel - Drums

Crobot are a sci-fi influenced Hard Rock/Stoner Rock band that blends elements of 70’s Classic Rock for great measure as well. They have just released their excellent new album – Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer.

An 11 song and 46-minute blast of top-notch Stoner Rock riffs that blend cool Sci-fi vibes through out their music. Crobot are a band who wear their influences on their sleeve and are not afraid to be unashamedly retro. But they do add a great modern Stoner Rock vibe to proceedings.

If you are into Clutch, Led Zep, The Who, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Wolfmother, Kyuss and QOTSA then you are going to love this band as I did. They know how to write a top-notch tune with great vocals and lyrics to match.

If Crobot were around in the 70s then they would have been one of the legendary bands from that era. As Crobot, have the same energy and power of those legendary bands.

Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer gets off to a blistering start with the album’s title track. A 4-minute high-energy blast of top-notch Stoner Rock riffs blended in with Hard Rock/Classic Rock vibes. The band lay down some impressive Sci-fi vibes to stand out from the crowd.

The vocals instantly draw you in to tell you a great story with the sublime riffs on show. This song shows you what is in store for the listener on the rest of the album. Just get ready for a ride of top-notch action packed riffs that would make the masters of rock proud to call their own.

Up next is Weigh Me Down – A 5 minute blast that adds more action packed riffs to the mix. Vocalist harnesses some great hard rocking energy here to get his message across to the listener.

The great tracks just keep on coming – In The Undertow, Cosmic Doppelganger, Let Me In, Orphan and Homeward Bound.

All of the tracks on the album (especially the ones mentioned above) all have a great Stoner Rock vibe that will have you coming back for more. If you are a fan of the bands mentioned above then you are going to love this album. Crobot are inventive musicians especially with the sci-fi vibes going through out the album. It is cool trying to spot them as well. I spotted a few sci-fi nods from films and TV. Gives this album another great feel to it.

Crobot play to their strengths. There are no epic guitar solos just good old-fashioned music and great lyrics to match. This is a proper album to thrill the listener too. All of the songs are expertly written and performed by the band. The songs all have a great story to tell and this is an album that you will be coming back to time and time again.

The album is superbly produced and performed by all involved. Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer is an album that speaks volumes and one that should gain Crobot quite a following amongst the Stoner Rock crowd.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.
Check Out This Great Band Below.


Check Out The Excellent Track - Weigh Me Down - from their superb debut album.