Thursday 8 November 2012

Dimaension X and other goodies

Dimænsion X Realm

Dimaension X is a one-man Metal virtuoso by the name of Dave Lanciani. He might not be known to most of you but I have been a fan of his music for quite a while now.

I should of posted about him sooner but Dave contacted me recently asking me to post some links of his own music and of some of his pals. Which I am more than happy to do.

Dave has been one of the true original warriors of One Man Bands. He has an extensive collection which goes through many genres such as Black, Doom. Drone, Jazz, Experimental and Grindcore.

All of Dave's music is free. He is more famous for being Dimaension X and who has been on a few blogs in the past for this alter ego of his.

Dave is a talented musician and one you should all check out now. I will let his email do the talking.

I'd like to offer my music (and some music by some friends) for you to post at your blog. All available free and legal (Creative Commons licensing).

Not my band, but friends (I also helped them record/produce their album)

Drone-doom-rock - they might fit into the Sludgelord category quite nicely.

SUNset TZUnami -

My main project for the past twenty years - can't really pin down any one genre, but includes rock, doom, metal, drone, free-jazz, etc.

Dimaension X -

A side project that started out as experimental grindcore/death metal, and expanded to include dub, ambient, and more.

Burn Without Me - 

Another side project - started out as psychedelic black metal and ended up as drone-doom-metal 

Moroghor - 


Dave Lanciani - aka Dimaension X