Saturday 24 November 2012


WARGUTS cover art

EYESWITHOUTAFACE are a Industrial/Psych/Sludge Metal Band from Toronto/Scarborough, Canada.

The members are:


EYESWITHOUTAFACE  are a band who have been on this blog twice before. They are a band that I have a lot of time for and their blend of Psych/Industrial/Sludge Metal has won me over time and time again with their awesome releases up for free download on BandCamp right now.

Well the band are back with another stunning collection of hard to describe what the fuck ever do they play style riffs.

WARGUTS is their latest offering. And the band are back louder, heavier and more insane than ever before.

What you get is 9 tracks and about 35 mins of distorted industrial psych sludge metal riffs. Coming across like an insane murderous version of Nine Inch Nails and Godflesh. EYESWITHOUTAFACE are a band you cannot ignore. 

Their music might be hard to listen to at times at frustrating to understand but that is the beauty of this excellent band. No one ever said music had to be easy to understand. EYESWITHOUTAFACE are one of the most daring and original bands I have came across within the two years of doing this blog. They surprise me time and time again.

WARGUTS could indeed be their best offering to date. It had me hooked from the word go. Especially on tracks like - Brave Injustice, Devachan or The Cohesive Hole, Kaleidoscoping Mechanism and Grotesque Tableau.

This really is a hard album to interview. I cannot put into words how to describe on how I feel about this album. I did fucking love it but it also left me cold and pissed off at the world at the same time. I think this is an album that will bring out any many different emotions in people and that is a good thing.

To leave you feeling unsettled and uncomfortable amongst your surroundings. I am sorry if this feels like a disjointed review but EYESWITHOUTAFACE are a very hard band to review they themselves make no apologies about their music. And why the fuck should they.

This is a bold and excellent album from one of the true innovators of the Sludge Underground scene. If your feeling brave enough then you can download this excellent release from BandCamp right now.

Highly Recommended.

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