Saturday 3 November 2012

Interview with NIBIRU

Today on Sludgelord I am interviewing NIBIRU – An Italian Psychedelic Ritual Sludge Metal band that we have not reviewed or featured yet on the blog. They haven't released any music yet. Just amazing YouTube Videos that have impressed us greatly on the the Facebook Page.

Well to get them more coverage and I am big fan of what I have heard so far. I am going to interview them.

The members are:

RI - bass and liturgic organ
Ardath: guitar & voice
Siatris: drums, percussions & Virus

Q1 – Hi Guys. Firstly, thanks for doing this and taking the time to talk to us at Sludgelord. We really appreciate it and are massive fans of your music from the videos you have sent to us.

Thanks to you, we are very pleased for your interest, Nibiru is a project in which we are concentrating every experience and every energy.

Consequently, this is an important first gratification.

Q2 – For People not in the know – Can you tell them how the band came about, When you formed etc...

Ardath: the line-up of Nibiru was formed only 3 months ago, but we know each other for several years, we had played in other project, like Tronus Abyss, with good resonance in Italy, or the dark ambient project Mord.... but the direction that we want to take in our music was checked by others members, so we prefer to start a new project. Ardath plays guitar and sing, RI plays bass and liturgic organ and Siatris plays drums and virus

Q3 – How would yourselves describe your sound.

Ardath: anger, complaints, disturbing sounds, gait sick, this is for me the sound of Nibiru.

RI: The sound of Nibiru is the ultimate condition of our time, society, and global reach. In this state of total implosion, there will happen a new extreme compression, processing revolution of the past and of the future. This wants to be Nibiru, the time of the most profound and radical change that humanity can remember. The impact astral on the man-monkey.

Q4 – Which bands influence you on your music.

Ardath: certainly there are bands that have unconsciously influenced the way I use to play and sing.. I could mention the scene goth-rock 80/90 in particular Fields of the Nephilim, the first Bahuaus, not to mention, in the other, Birthday Party and Alien Sex Fiend, in any case, I try to release anger and instinct that is what we are.

RI: Inevitably, because I have lived though a child, thrust my roots in the 70s and then by Black Sabbath's Paranoid, Pink Floyd's Live at Pompei through the Goblin of Profondo Rosso. The years 80/90 I tell you the Bauhaus, Paul Chain Violet Theatre, Neurosis of Souls at Zero by on, Kyuss, Sleep ...

Siatris: I was very closer to the first black metal movement in the first 90's, but at the same time I was always tied to the stoner movement with band like Nebula, 7zuma7, early Spiritual beggars, and to others bands like Reverend Bizarre,Electric wizard, Cathedral...too many name to list!

Q5 – Is the band a full time project or do you have full time jobs to contend with.

Siatris: In our country, Italy, is not possible,or it's quite rare to live with music, unless you do not play classic italian pop shitty songs, so we must work and in the evening we play in our rehearsal room.

Q6 – What is the song-writing process like in the band. Is it a whole band collective or individuals that write the music.

Ardath: In all the past projects I have not seen such a units intent, the songs come strictly live, playing together,with the contribution of each component of Nibiru,like a single entity takes shape leaving us exhausted and amazed to hear the result.

Siatris: We put the name Invokation to our songs because is like a magikal process that gives life to songs, when we come into the rehearsal room we have no idea of what will play.

Q7 – It's quite rare to feature a band who we haven't featured on the blog before. Can you tell us when you will be releasing some music for us to hear, buy or download. As your videos have really blown us away.

Siatris:in this moment we are mixing the tracks for our first release, so, I hope, you can listen the result very soon, I am very satisfied of video, the result that I got is what I was hoping, but this is just the beginning, I'm learning to create video much more elaborate and disturbing.

Q8 – Have you done many gigs yet or are you still in the process of starting to look for gigs. Have you toured with any famous bands yet.

Siatris: Not in this moment, but surely we will start to look for gigs.In the past with the old project we had played for Wolves in the throne room, and for the swedish industrial project In slaughter natives.

Q9 – Are your family and friend supportive of your music.

Ardath Never talked about Nibiru to my family, sacred rituality...

Siatris: Rather than support...endure..

Q10 – I fucking love the fact your videos have been banned on YouTube. Especially your new track - Nibiru: invokation IV. Heru-khentan-maati. That is true fucking badge of honour there. Bet your real pleased with that. Too dangerous even for YouTube.

Ardath: too dangerous for the false transgression of people who devote their life to gratify with the 'hypocritical reality' everyday without seeing their slavery .......... for a pair of tits and a lesbian kiss .... and then, of course, masturbating in front of this video censored.

Siatris I was impressed by the event, and at the beginning I did not even know what had happened, I did not understand why, I just knew that the video for which I had worked so hard was removed ... then I received an email from the "youtube community" in which a bigot gab told me that the female nude is strictly forbidden and punished, so I realized... ​​simple censorship, someone stands to censor and decide for yourself what is good and what is bad ... just like in the video indicted!

Q11 – What are your favourite bands around at the moment. Do you listen to modern day rock/metal or do you just listen to the classic era of Stoner Rock/Hard Rock

RI: Currently I'm listening genres far from ours that we play, also to try to not run too influenced, Depressive Black, Brutal Death Gore Grind and Industrial. Rarely stoner / doom etc. But not absolutely never forget the past, for example, the other day I listened again for the umpteenth time Jerusalem and We Live ...

Ardath: I continue to listen music in particular of some years ago that I find it more 'instinctive and really particular, without taking anything away from the band of today...

Siatris: The last Kadavar is very brilliant and also Ufomammut is fucking amazing.

Q12 – Where did the name NIBIRU come from.

Ardath:too easy to reduce the meaning of the name of the apocalyptic planet Nibiru , we wanted to realize the continuous transformation resulting from a labor almost always violent, of being powerless before such a event but feel reborn.

Q13 – I love the track Invokation I, the acid skull – one very trippy breathtaking masterpiece. How did you come up with that track. 17 mins long and the video is just superb.

Ardath :The Invokation I is the false calm before the 'unexpected, a long path towards the 'uncontrollable chaos, the' tidal wave that paves the way to the tsunami.

Siatris: Invokation I is the first track that we have recorded, we have just turn on the microphone, we emptied our minds and we followed what we felt inside, the piece that you hear has been created in a single session without overdubs, the vocals is an Enochian evocation , a language that characterizes all of our songs, nothing is planned in the creation of our music, we did not think about a song so long when we started recording, but it was recorded in a sort of trance and we were amazed ourselves when we played back.

After the song has come the video, is an original piece of the 70's but we have no information on this, I found it a long time ago, was devoid of sound and I immediately imagined the perfect soundtrack to a psychedelic trip like that, but at the time I was playing black metal and the video was not suitable for what I produced but I saved it anyway,the peculiarity is that the video has not been cut or manipulated, its length was equal to our song.

Q14 – What are your future plans for the upcoming 12 months or so. Anything we should be excited about.

Siatris: now we are focused on the cd, it would be interesting to start doing some concert, are two years that we go as visitors to the Roadburn festival and we would love to play there..

Q15 – Have you had any exposure from other blogs as they will dig your style of music.

Siatris: Let me check all the appointments that I have on my agenda for the interviews ..... hum .... fuck ... only you of Sludgelord!

Q16 – Finally, Do you have anything to say your fans (Mainly me).

Ardath:if you want peace and quiet 'look somewhere else, Nibiru is ancestral anger, the true peace of the soul ...............

RI: Do not let fuck your brain by those who want to live as puppets of the Theatre of the Dead. Refuse and Resist.

Siatris: Cover your face with the ashes of the cremation ground, Kaly will cut your head mercilessly, from that moment you will be alive...

Well guys thanks for doing this. Cant wait to hear a digital release or physical release of your great music.

Check This Great Band| Below: