Sunday 20 July 2014


Album Type: Split 10 inch Vinyl
Date Released: July 22nd 2014
Label: Crimsoneye Records

IRATA/SOLAR HALOS SPLIT 10" - track listing:


IRATA - Band Members

Jon Case - Bass, vocal
Jason Ward - Drums, vocals, synth
Cheryl Hall – Guitar

Solar Halos – Band Members

John Crouch - Drums
Nora Rogers - Guitars/Vocals
Eddie Sanchez - Bass


CrimsonEye Records first ever release is a heavy and thunderous 10 inch split single from Irata who hail from Greensboro, NC and Solar Halos who hail from Chapel Hill NC. Now Solar Halos I know all about as I bought their brilliant S/T debut album late last year and which we reviewed here.

Both bands offer Spacey Psychedelic Rock/Metal to lose your entire mind to. I don't know much about Irata apart from they released a debut album back in 2010 and an EP called Vultures in 2012. Though that may change soon as the track they provided here – Semjase – is a hard rocking blast of Psychedelic Space Rock/Stoner Metal with Sludgy undertones with Jason's vocals adding a sense of urgency at times. I can hear elements of Torche and Kylesa at times being launched into outer-space. This is probably my fave track of this release as it literally impressed the hell out of me. Definitely a band to watch out for.

Up next is Solar Halos who I am a fan of. Their debut album from last year is a huge favourite of ours here at Sludgelord HQ and it's great to see that the band continue their great sound of Psych Space Rock riffs they perfected on their debut album. It's the louder of the two tracks as its starts with a heavy thumping riff to startle the senses to. Lead vocalist – Nora – is on spellbinding form throughout. Her delicate and fragile vocals have a distinct destructive quality to them that can turn deadly at any second. Solar Halos add multiple levels of distorted riffs with each passing moment to make this another winning track from this highly respected power trio. Play this one at full blast.

This is a superb 10inch single showcasing two similar bands with stunning riffs of their own to conquer the world with.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

IRATA/SOLAR HALOS SPLIT 10" will be available to buy from CrimsonEye Records from July 22nd 2014. Thanks to Solar Halos and CrimsonEyeRecords for sending me a promo to review.

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Written by Steve Howe