Monday 21 July 2014

Enabler - La Fin Absolue Du Monde (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 27/5/2014
Label: The Compound/Creator-Destructor

Enabler ‘La Fin Absolue Du Monde’ track listing:

1) Close My Eyes 02:27
2) New Life 02:39
3) Neglect 02:39
4) I've Got a Bad Feeling About This 02:28
5) Information Overload 01:24
6) Balance of Terror 02:57
7) World Sterilization 01:28
8) The Exiles 01:24
9) Prey 01:06
10) Sickened by the Wake 02:39
11) Rain Darkness 02:41
12) Felony 05:46
13) Linear Existence 02:44
14) Consequence 03:52

The Band:

Jeff Lohrber | Vocals, Guitars
Amanda Daniels | Bass
Ryan Steigerwald | Drums


To describe Enabler is somewhat similar to describing a bullfight.  The audience is captivated by it, some people begrudge the cruelty that comes with it, but everyone can agree it is a primal and brutal show.  To see Enabler live would cast them as the dirty, haranguing matador, driving the bull of the crowd into a mad, frothing frenzy.  What a sight to behold, I imagine. 

But let’s talk about this matador’s latest offering to its loving audience.  At the end of May ‘La Fin Absolue Du Monde’ struck the listening world like a cattle prod, and I was given up by the Lords of Sludge as the one to feel this album’s lightning bite.  Let me just say this: for those with any kind of spiritual or physical weakness, be warned.  Enabler’s music is not for the faint-hearted: it is loud, abrasive, limit-smashing and borderline psychopathic.  Sound like your kind of thing?  Good.  Mine too. 

These fourteen whirling, baying tracks that make up ‘La Fin Absolue…’ are as intense as a round of Russian Roulette with five bullets loaded into the chamber.  Take a spin, pull back the hammer… and marvel at how your brains get blown out of your head when you pull the trigger.  Each song is tailor-made to have you angry, spitting, and shouting with ferocity: if you’re looking for the anthem to a vicious night of beer and broken knuckles, this is it, my friend. 

‘Linear Existence’ is the track that will throw you across your table and dive along after your ragdoll body, grooving and smirking as it pummels you without mercy.  If you try and fight back, ‘Consequence’ will sit down on your chest and start pounding your teeth out of your skull with its brass-knuckle drums and head butting guitars.  And when you think the track is done and faded away from your prone form, back it comes with another round of distorted fists to destroy you once more. 

Hey, I warned you it was going to be intense.  Don’t blame me. 

There are so many awesome tracks to throw into your mix it’s hard to pick out any essential knockout blows.  I loved listening to ‘Neglect’, with its strumming-mad guitars, murky breakdowns and insidious bass work done by the quite, quite mad Amanda Daniels.  Then we also have ‘Balance of Terror’, a hardcore brawler with a sweet right hook of a riff that catches you right on the jaw and has you sprawling down to the canvas.  Try to get up, and that roaring outro punch will send you right back where you were. 

This trio from Ohio are pissed.  ‘La Fin Absolue…’ is an album of energy, power and demonic noise prowess.  Enabler are sonic knockout artists, and your ears are their canvas.  Get yourself concussed by them right now. 

Words by: Chris Markwell

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