Saturday 5 July 2014

Sautrus - Reed: Chapter One - Album Review

Reed: Chapter One cover art

Album Type: Album
Date Released: June 07th 2014
Label: Self Released/Pink Tank Records

Reed: Chapter One - track listing:


SautruS is a heavy tuned psychedelic/stoner band from Northern Poland formed in 2010. They combine deepest late 60`s elements with hard driven metal influences and create a completely unique and mind blowing sound!

Band Members

Weno Winter- Voc.
Michał Nowak- G.
Tomek Bushmansky - Bass
Piotr 'Ochota' Ochociński- Drums
Ragnar- Visuals/management


We have the début full length record from Polish – Psych Fuzz Stoner Rockers – Sautrus – who released an acclaimed debut EP back in 2012 which I sadly missed. But I wasn't going to make the same mistake with their superb debut album – Reed: Chapter One

It's an exhilarating 34 minute ride that blasts a hole through the Stoner Rock spectrum as these guys have a groovy fuzz laden sound that captures Doomy atmospherics with hints of Grunge and Desert Rock for one loud as hell experience. Sautrus don't fuck about here. They are powered by the almighty RIFF!!!

First track – Ricochet has a slight Sabbath vibe with hints of Truckfighters when the fuzz is cranked up to the max as it's dripping in the stuff. Weno's vocals are passionate through out as this song perfectly sets the scene for the overall tone of the album. Hard Rocking Stoner Metal grooves with a dangerous laid back feel to it.

Sautrus add a slight darker progressive feel to the album with the next song – The Knurr – which combines a Tool sombre mood and a kick-ass Stoner/Doom based riff through out. It's quite a dark song compared to the first track but it shows that Sautrus are not afraid to experiment with the standard Stoner Metal sound.

Sautrus slow things right down for the lushly played instrumental track – Dumbeldore – before the band unleash more of their heavier style riffs and that's why we are here for. To hear some top-notch tracks which Sautrus will blow your mind with. As the psychedelic vibe soon starts to take over which gives way for some superb instrumental work from the band especially on Kuelmaggah Part 2 and Iomi Iomi.

My fave track is the epic song – Suentist – which starts off as deftly played sombre track before Sautrus bring elements of classic 60s/70s Hard Rock to the party. Lead vocalist Weno is at his hypnotic best as you can detect a certain sadness behind his voice. Though the main focus is those god-damn awesome riffs as Sautrus make sure this album ends with an almighty BANG!!!

Reed: Chapter One is an excellent album from these highly talented Stoner Rocks. Roll on Chapter Two!!!

Thanks to Jan at Pink Tank Records for sending me a promo to review. Reed: Chapter One - is available to buy now via DD on BandCamp.

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Written by Steve Howe