Sunday 27 July 2014

MOAB - Billow (Album Review)

Moab Billow LP from Scion AV

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 1/8/2014
Label: Self Released via Scion AV

Scion AV Presents 'Billow' track listing:

1). Said It Would
2). I Concede
3). Whittled Away
4). No Soul
5). Burn Maria
6). Nothing Escapes
7). Made To Wait
8). Under All
9). The Softest Bait


Moab consists of three members, thus it is known as a trio. Moab's heavy home is Los Angeles, California.

The Band:

Joe Fuentes - Bass
Andrew Giacumakis - Vocals, Guitars
Erik Herzog - Drums


Moab unleash their heavy as hell psychedelic masterpiece 'Billow'. This is the band's 2nd full length and what a great album this is. Venturing between Doom, Hard Rock, Desert Rock, Stoner Metal, Space Rock and Psychedelic Rock, this is one of 2014's strangest and unique sounding albums.

It's heavy as High On Fire jamming with Black Sabbath with Andrew's vocals reminiscent of Ozzy Osborne in his prime. Though it's still sounds so damn fresh, original and most of all exciting. If you want a weird and wonderful sounding ride that takes you on a rich musical history lesson through the ages of Doom/Stoner Metal than Billows is the album for you. The opening track 'Said It Would' perfectly sets the scene for the crazy as hell riffs that Moab have in store for you. Don't try to pigeon hole Moab as you will only be wasting your time. Just embrace the crazy as hell experimental vibes as you will only enjoy the experience more.

Tracks such as 'I Concede' and 'Whittled Away' prove that this hard-rocking power trio have a love of all things psychedelic with a hint of 60s/70s Hard Rock holding things together. I have heard these guys have a fearsome LIVE reputation on stage. Well if this album is anything to go by I can see why. Moab only embrace the power of the riffs with each passing second. The instrumental work is pure destructive chaos as Moab leave no stone unturned in proving how supremely talented they are.

By the time 'Burning Maria' comes blasting down your speakers 'Billow' will take you to another world as it's luscious dream-like pop sensibilities start becoming part of your sub-conscious. It's a crazy wild ride that only becomes a richer rewarding experience the more times you listen to the album.

'Nothing Escapes' is one of the albums best tracks. It's a heavy rock psychedelic ride, influenced with a slight Beatles vibe, with the band once again changing their style of sounds for everyone to witness. Though it's back to the heavier Sludge like heavy rock territory with my fave track 'Made To Wait'.  This is pure Power-Rock trio material,  laying down heavy thunderous riffs, that will to knock you the hell out.

I have gone on long enough about this album. If you haven't witnessed the full heavy power of this brilliant album then you're seriously missing out one of 2014 best sounding records. So do yourself a favour. Headover to Scion AV and download this album now as it's available for free download. Yeah that's right. FREE. What you waiting for. Go on. Download it. That's an order!!!

Words by: Steve Howe
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Awesome. End Of.

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