Saturday 26 July 2014

Black Tusk - Vulture's Eye EP (Review)

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 24/6/2014
Label: Hyperrealist/A Pefect Monster

‘Vulture's Eye’ DD/Vinyl track listing:

1). Vulture’s Eye 03:58
2). Screaming Inside Myself 03:48

The Band:
Jonathan Athon | Bass, Vocals
James May | Drums, Vocals
Andrew Fidler | Guitars, Vocals


A rolling snare and fuzzed out bass herald the return of Black Tusk for this raucous two track single (or is that an EP?). Format uncertainty aside, ‘Vulture's Eye’ finds the band in noisy and punk-ish form. As close to Black Flag as it is Mastodon, the riffs come thick and fast, the vocals screamed and forceful... and that is only the first one and a half minutes! There are tempo changes and cyclical motifs aplenty as the band go for it. No subtlety here, but a must for fans of either of the aforementioned bands and for old Black Tusk disciples alike.

‘Screaming Inside Myself’ is similarly adrenaline fuelled, but opts for a slightly more melodic approach- in the opening at least. Great production helps out both tracks- it is noisy but easy to pick out the instruments, and the drums sound reassuringly live and well battered. Again, the riffs come thick and fast- the one just before the two minute mark is a cracker- and the band keep you interested with strong hooks as they bludgeon their way into your consciousness.

All in all, this is business as usual for a great band. Pick this up on vinyl or as a download- your money will be well spent and then catch them live next time they play near you. You won’t be disappointed and you will definitely have a good time!

Words by: Richard Maw

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