Wednesday 24 July 2013

DRUGANAUT - S/T - Album Review

Druganaut is a Stoner/Doom/Blues Metal Band from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

The members are:

Vocals - Craig Relf
Guitar - Kyle Partridge
Guitar - Adam Sherriff
Bass - William Baxter
Drums - James Ware

You might think from the excellent creepy album cover that Druganaut are a fearsome Black Metal Band. Well you would be wrong. They are in fact a superb Stoner Metal Band from my hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne. I have featured these guys twice now. Original Article and Interview.

Well the band are about to release their excellent and heavy as fuck S/T debut album dripping full of high intense riffs.

Druganaut are starting to get the fearsome reputation in our lovely hometown. Plus they are starting to venture at other gigs around the country. With even an appearance at Hard Rock Hell in Nov/Dec 2013.

So what do you get on their debut album. Well if you're a fan of the legendary NOLA scene then you will find much to admire here. As Druganaut capture the fearsome and intensity that the NOLA scene brings but add a huge dose of blues based Doom and Gloom. Druganaut inject some very self depreciating humour into the mix.

First track - Smoke The Dead - is a 5:10 minute track that harks back to the early days of Down, Crowbar and Corrosion of Conformity. Craig is on inspired demented form here. It's great to hear that Craig has managed to captured his live persona on the record. Believe me folks when I say Craig sounds awesome live as he does on the record. The riffs come at you thick and fast with a slight demonic darkness lurking in the background. All I can say here is - OBEY THE FUCKING RIFF!!!

2nd track - Sober Again - is a dark cautionary tale of having too much of a good time. Listen to the gloomy lyrics when you have gone slightly overboard and start regretting your previous actions. But you might be enjoying the awesome huge riffs that Druganaut throw your way. It's great hearing a band playing to their strengths and not slowing this down with a shitty lighter in the air moment. This isn't Druganaut's style. They tell you how life really is and what the consequences are if your enjoying yourself too much!!!!

3rd track - Old Red - is a good old fashioned 3:10 minute head-banging song you can rock out to with your friends. Though it has a slight Church Of Misery vibe where the lyrics are concerned. But it doesn't help that the guys have written some catchy lyrics you will be singing along to after a few repeat listens.

By now you should be feeling the vibe of this excellent album. NOLA style riffage with blues based Doom/Gloom lyrics to match. The guys do have a sly sense of humour mixed in with their music as well. It will definitely bring a smile to your face later on in the album. But before then just enjoy the brilliant riffs on show. As the twin guitar work of Kyle and Adam will knock you the fuck out. Plus James on Drums and William on Bass bring some real grit and steel to this hard rocking Geordie Brotherhood.

Songs like Wretch and True Story prove what hugely talented musicians Druganaut actually are. I think these guys are going places and this album is a true testament to their immense talents. It might not be the most original thing you ever hear but Druganaut know what they can do and what needs to be done. And that's to rock the fuck out with the best of them.

True Story has some hard-hitting powerful riffage going and it makes it one of the albums standout tracks. Play this one as loud as you possibly can. This song will make you feel truly alive. Take my word for it.

You are asking me - Sludgelord - where is that humour you mentioned before. Well songs like Carradine's Closet will make you laugh out loud. It did for me with Craig's playful use of the lyrics.

But it's the next track where the guys decided to go all romantic on us. Yes folks - these demented hard riffing bastards actually have a romantic soul.

Ladies. Press play on Song Seven if you want to get in the romantic mood. Druganaut's advice on Love and Romance in the beautifully entitled - Sex Face.

If ever a song that screamed Love and Romance then - Sex Face - is it. Just listen to Craig in full Barry White mode. Never has a romantic song ever been sung so true by this demented love guru. Now Gentleman you can either take notice of Craig's advise or just listen to the fine riffs on show. Or Craig doing his best James Hetfield impression.

Choice is yours folks!!

Anyway Druganaut have two more excellent hard-rocking beasts to pulverise you with - Equestrian Dreams and Denim Elliott. More riffs are thrown at you with Craig on inspired form yet again.

Druganaut have delivered a powerhouse debut album that should gain them even more fans within the Doom/Stoner Metal scene. Yeah it's definitely NOLA inspired but it's NOLA done GEORDIE style. (Geordie - Explanation here. Short version. What we call ourselves in Newcastle Upon Tyne).

This album is excellent. The production is flawless. Not bad for an album that cost £60 to make and in someones bedroom as well. Yeah - Druganaut are going places. Just maybe next time they might be spending that little bit more on their next album.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Druganaut S/T debut album will be available to buy in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to Craig for sending me a copy to review.

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