Saturday 6 July 2013

Sierra - PSlip - Review

Pslip cover art

Sierra is a Psychedelic Stoner Metal Band from Ontario, Canada

The members are

Jason Taylor - Guitar/Vox
Robbie Carvalho - Bass
Ky Anto - Drums

Sierra are a band I noticed when doing my daily browsing through BandCamp. Two things grabbed me right away. The awesome album cover and a certain Philip Cope from Kylesa has produced it. Then I listened to the track that the band had streaming on their BandCamp Page and I was hooked. Sublime Psych Stoner Metal riffs that will appeal to all serious Stoner Metal fans.

Sierra’s debut – PSLIP – is an outstanding collection of great songs that will surely have your whole being rocking from beginning to end. Sierra have perfectly managed to capture the true essence of a brilliant Stoner Metal album. Excellent vocals matched against perfect hard-rocking riffs to show another great band from our Canadian Sludge Brothers

First track – Pslip In – is a fast paced 2 minute Psych Stoner Metal journey with some cool Space Rock riffs come creaking through. Just a sneak preview on what to expect. Do not adjust your headphones. Sierra are going to take you on a wonderful journey of awesome riffs.

2nd track – Little Smoke – is where the album really takes off with some beautiful heavy pounding riffs that perfectly captures the Stoner Metal vibe at it’s hard rocking best. You can tell from this track that Sierra are a band with their own style that oozes originality.

3rd Track – Cardinal Folly – embraces that statement even more. Sierra are starting to get more into their stride and becoming a lot more confident with their vocals and guitar riffs. The album is starting to become that little bit more trippier which comes into full effect later on in the album.

One thing I have to praise is the excellent production by Philip Cope. He is definitely in his element here. Everything is loud and crisp the way it should be on such an excellent Psych Based Stoner Metal album. The next track - 100 - is where Sierra start evolving their Psych Based vibe to maximum effect. Especially when the lyrics are referencing Tree Of Life with some beautifully written thought provoking lyrics.

I am only going to mention a few more songs on this excellent album as I do not want to spoil it for you. With Philip doing Production duties it would be such a waste if Sierra didn’t’ utilize his legendary vocal talents on a track on the album. Low and behold, the band just do this with one of the albums stand out tracks – Into Nothing. A 5 minute storming affair that sees both the band and Phil on inspired form. An intense head-banging track, which blazes some fast riffs that Motorhead, would be proud of. Just play this track as loud as you can and witness both worlds collide in a blaze of glory.

Sierra goes into Prog Rock territory with two brilliant epic tracks. – The 7:09 minute – Smoke Filled Room and the 9-minute – Pseptember. Probably the finest 16 minutes on the entire album. Proving that Sierra does have a very bright future indeed. The amount of ideas on show on these two tracks can put some albums to shame. They are both packed of brilliant riffs to rock out/headbang to. The perfect mix of riffs and vocals that show Sierra are a band full of great ideas all waiting to be discovered by whoever listens to it.

The album is one that impresses me every time I listen to it. I am well into double figures now and it just gets better with every listen. A sign of a truly brilliant album in my humble opinion.

Sierra have excelled themselves here and they deserve every reward and accolade coming their way. As this album is something special indeed.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to the band for sending me a promo copy to review. Much appreciated guys.

Pslip will be available to buy directly from the band via BandCamp from July 19th 2013.

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