Wednesday 24 July 2013

Shining - One One One (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 4/6/2013
Label : Indie Recordings

One One One, album track listing:
01. I Won’t Forget
02. The One Inside
03. My Dying Drive
04. Off the Hook
05. Blackjazz Rebels
06. How Your Story Ends
07. The Hurting Game
08. Walk Away
09. Paint the Sky Black


One One One is Shining’s seventh album release, and the third in a Blackjazz trilogy: Blackjazz (2010), Live Blackjazz (2011) and One One One (2013).

Munkeby: Vocals, guitars, saxophone, synths
Lofthus: Drums
Kreken: Bass
Sagen: Guitar

One One One is Shining’s sixth full length outing and is a full on audio assault throughout its short and punchy 36 minutes.

‘I Won’t Forget’ starts out with an immediate blast, that feels very industrial. The track has a groove reminiscent of Rammstein’s ‘Feuer Frei,’ but it takes on a completely unique turn when the saxophone is thrown into the mix and completely messes with your senses. A good, solid opening. Second track, ‘The One Inside’ has a main drum beat that evokes a Nine Inch Nails spirit before being splattered again with the obvious jazz influences.

‘My Dying Drive’ opens with a menacing melody that sounds like it should soundtrack a hellish Tom and Jerry cartoon chase! The track again builds to a maelstrom of organised chaos with some harsh vocals and crushing guitars. The same opening melody underpins the track throughout. This is certainly one of the standout moments from the album and could possibly possess you to smash all the windows in your house such is the fury!

Another highlight is album centre piece; Blackjazz Rebels. If this is a statement for where the band is at the moment, it is most certainly filled with urgent intent. A severe groove is present throughout the track and more devastatingly heavy guitars and vocals. ‘How Your Story Ends’ opens with a solitary saxophone playing a rather frenetic piece of music, before being smothered with a rolling guitar and drum onslaught.

The album as a whole is excellent. I think the album would most certainly be love/hate with a lot of people but you don’t know until you try it. Try this. You just might like it. It is certainly interesting and experimental.

Words by : Dominic Walsh (

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy this release here. This record is available everywhere now. Thanks to Andy @ Indie Recordings for the hook up.