Sunday 21 July 2013

Koresh - Chump

Chump cover art

Koresh is a Sludge/Punk/Hardcore Metal Band from London, UK

The members are:

McGhee- Bass
Morrell - Drums
Paul- Vocals
Rich- Guitar
Don- Vocals

Koresh is a band who have been going for 10 years or so. But it's hard to believe this is only their 2nd album. CHUMP.

A blistering 7 song collection all over and done with in less than 13 minutes. Yes folks - Chump is only on for 13 minutes. But what a fucking rush.

Koresh already made an impression on me with their 2010 debut album - Crippledriver. Their style of of  Punk based Hardcore/Sludge Metal riffs is a violent encounter for both band and listener. The album also had a legendary album cover as well. If you can hunt it down. The album cover may look cute but appearances can be deceiving. All I am saying and a bit of pre-warning if you're of a nervous disposition.

Anyway back to Chump. Well the guys are back louder, angrier, insane and more pissed off than ever before. This is fast and furious Sludge Metal riffs that will leave the listener in a bludgeoned and bloodied state. These guys are one of the fastest Sludge Metal bands the UK has to offer.

If you want something downright nasty then Chump is the album for you. Sophistication isn't a word in Koresh's vocabulary. They just want to play as many dirty fucked riffs they possibly can in the short time they have. 13 mins of pure unwanted mayhem and destruction. And I loved every fucked up minute of it.

These guys have a great sense of humour to their music. Check out excellent track - Adolf Hipster - for prime evidence.

All in all - Chump is a great hard-rocking fucked up collection of tunes from one of the UK's most fucked up and insane Sludge Metal bands. If you ever see these guys in action. Leave the dance floor as their gigs like their music can turn into a war zone.

You can download Chump on BandCamp Buy Now Download on Witch Hunter Records now. So get downloading. You won't regret it.
Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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