Tuesday 30 July 2013

Empty Flowers - Five - Review

FIVE cover art

Empty Flowers is a Post Rock Band from USA

The members are:

Christian McKenna
Randy Larsen
Bernie Romanowski
Andre Galiffi

Empty Flowers may be known to a few of you already. They are a group featuring current and former members of Cable.
featuring current and former members of CABLE

Empty Flowers are less relentless and angrier than Cable. However, they are still a great band to check out in their own right. The band has already made an impression on people when they released their stunning debut album – Six – late last year. Well almost a year later and Empty Flowers are back with another stunning record to their name. Five.

Five is more of an EP than an album as it only runs for about 22 minutes or so. Five may not venture into any new territories but you cannot deny how talented these guys for writing a great post-rock tune.

The eight tracks on offer only run for about 2 to 3 minutes each but they all pack an almighty punch. Jarring guitars mixed with spiky vocals to make Five an excellent record for you all to check out. Songs such as – I Get To Know It’s Name, Five, Time Feeds The Dose and Carfires all have an underlying angry vibe begging to be let out of it’s cage and when the need arises – Empty Flowers – let fly with some great angry post-rock riffs.

If your looking or something heavy and aggressive it might be best for you to look elsewhere as things stay at a natural pace. But if your still intrigued by Empty Flowers blend of aggressive Post Rock then Five will be another great release for your collection.

Empty Flowers are masters of packing their music with raw human emotion to give them a hard-hitting edge. My only complaint is I wish Empty Flowers would of included one epic track or made some of the tracks slightly longer as 22 minutes is never enough for a band with this much talent involved.

All in all Five is an excellent release from Empty Flowers and it definitely builds upon their superb debut album. If you have not checked them out already now here is your chance to.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Five will be available to buy from 06th August 2013 on the following formats and record labels.

Five - Atomic Action! Records (vinyl)
 Five - The Path Less Traveled (cd/digital)

Thanks to Carl at Action PR for sending me a copy to review.

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