Saturday 6 July 2013

Rozamov - Of Gods And Flesh - EP Review

Of Gods and Flesh cover art

Rozamov is a Sludge Metal Band from Boston, USA

The members are

Matt- guitar, vox
Tom- bass, vox
Liz Doom - guitar, vox, art
Hendrix- drums

Well the excellent Sludge Metal Band Rozamov is back with their new EP – Of Gods And Flesh. I originally featured these hugely talented Sludge Metallers back in 2012 when I checked out their last EP.

Has much changed since then. Not really. You still have the same double barrage of brutal vocals and riffs to match. Taking influence from a whole range of the scenes big hitters but still forging their own path in Sludge Metal.

First track – Famine – is a 5:46 minute track full of harsh rhythms and melodies to prove this band know how to write a tune that will have you head banging in no time at all. These guys could seriously give High On Fire a run for their money on this track. It proves that Rozamov have lost none of their magic.

The EP only contains four tracks and runs for a fast-paced 19 mins but you can’t deny the power of their sludge metal riffs. If you want something fast and furious with a serious hard edge then Of Gods And Flesh is for you. I just with it was on for longer as I feel these guys have the talent and vision to write an incredible debut album. Maybe they are working on that for their next release.

Rozamov are seriously tight unit who know how to play off each other to perfection. Check out excellent track – Empty Sky – for prime evidence of this. It doesn’t hurt them they are seriously gifted songwriters to boot as well.

The real deal – you betcha. If you’re going to catch them on their forthcoming USA tour then you might be in for a treat. They are already starting to receive some praise as a band to look out for within the Sludge Metal scene. And on this evidence who am I to argue with it.

Rozamov have released another excellent body of work here. Shame they couldn’t included a couple of more songs to make this release even better. But apart from that Rozamov should be proud of this release. It will definitely enhance their reputation within the Sludge Metal world.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Of Gods And Flesh is now available to buy from BandCamp. Thanks to the guys for sending me a copy to review.

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