Wednesday 17 July 2013


Death is the Border That Evil Cannot Cross cover art

Nihilosaur is a Psych Noise/Doom/Sludge Metal Band from Poland

The members are:

Artur Ciechorski - Vocals, Bass
Wojtek Nadolny - Guitar
Ziemek Pawluk - Drums

Well this crazy band are a complete surprise to me. I have never heard of them but their blended of twisted psychedelic Noise, Doom, Sludge Metal is right up my street. If you're a fan of The Melvins and Mastodon then Nihilosaur are the band for you.

Their new album - Death Is The Border That Evil Cannot Cross - is one of the craziest and surreal Sludge Metal albums I have had the pleasure to listen this year.

This album might actually be what nightmares are made of but I mean that in a good way. The band are highly talented individuals and know how to write awesome twisted psychedelic Sludge Metal riffs.

Check out excellent tracks - Swedish Concentration Camp, The Guillotine, NASDAQ and Love Is A Crown Of Hate.

All proving Nihilosaur are a band that deserves your attention now. They add creepy sound effects and soundclips to their music to show a violent world struggling to cope with it's own mortality. This album could be the perfect soundtrack to the bleakest news programme ever broadcast. You will understand when you listen to the album.

It can be a hard listen at times but it's worth it as it packs an emotional punch. 

All in all an excellent release from a truly great band. You can download this for free from BandCamp and Internet Archive

You can download their excellent 2007 album - The End Is Within Sight - for free from BandCamp as well.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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