Sunday 14 July 2013

Necrotic Disgorgement - Documentaries of Dementia (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 25/6/2013
Label : Comatose Records

Documentaries of Dementia, album track listing:

1. Intronitiation
2. Pincushion Pussy
3. Conceived for Incest
4. Postmortem Fluid Evacuation
5. Crack Whore Compost
6. Anal Trauma
7. Icepick Ear Sodomy
8. Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction
9. Defecation Delicacy
10. He Wears the Flesh

The band started back in 2005 when former band Regurgitation was laid to rest! It started with Tony, Jason, and Brian Baxter as a 3 piece, later Ben Deskins coming into the fold completing the line up! Shortly afterwards we recorded our first full length entitled "Suffocated In Shrinkwrap" released on Comatose Records.  Shortly after suffocated was recorded Jason enlisted in the marines and went overseas.  So we supported our brother and waited till he got back to continue on with the band cause the corporal was irreplaceable! After his return we started back in playing various shows and writing new material. Things were goin great when unfortunately we had some rehearsal issues with our bassist/vocalist Brian Baxter which caused his departure from the band.  Although he wasn't in the band we wished him the best and was pumped to hear he was in Embalmer!!  So we started the task of finding new members! The vocalist replacement came easy! Jimmy came in and pretty much took right off filling the vocalist void like it needed to be filled! With vox area in check, now on to finding a bassist! Quite some time went by and we were not having any luck and then Scott's name came up, as Jason and Jimmy had previously jammed with him before! He came over and we started working on the songs and he picked right up and filled the bass void rightfully so!!!  Now with all of the members locked in and the new albums material completed, Necrotic is ready to unleash its new material to the masses!!!!
Scott Kinnaman : Bass
Jimmy Javins: Vocals
Ben Deskins : Guitar, Vocals
Tony Tipton : Guitar (Lead)
Jason Trecazzi : Drums

There are times when music can be as powerful as a tornado.  Sometimes it can drive you to tears with its tenderness.  Other times it can make you pump your fist in the air with simple joy.  Then there’s Necrotic Disgorgement, whose music makes me want to go out and roar gutturally as passing strangers.  This album is as pure as you can get: this is not melodic, prog, tech, or any other subgenre.  This is death metal with a capital I WILL PULVERISE YOUR BONES THEN PISS ON THE ASHES.  Their offering ‘Documentaries of Dementia’ is a wailing, brutalising fist of metal which is coming straight for your face.  Don’t try and dodge it: this impact was made to enlighten you.  Let’s analyse the hit. 

It starts off with a sense of dark foreboding.  ‘Intronitiation’ is a soundtrack to a Saw-esque scenario: a strange voice telling a bound and gagged victim the situation in which they find themselves.  And it’s not a pretty situation at all.  Then as the creepy repetition of ‘repeatedly…’ dies away, ‘Pincushion Pussy’ rides in with the force of a sledgehammer to the face.  It’s a mauling, grinding beast of a tune, which crushes your eardrums and assaults your auditory senses with malicious intent.  Hey, this is pure death metal – did you expect anything less? 

‘Conceived for Incest’ (where do they come up with these titles?) is a bursting, volcanic eruption of metal, with vocalist Jimmy Javins gutturally howling his horrifying lyrical message at you like some unholy preacher.  Following on from this morbid masterpiece is ‘Postmortem Fluid Evacuation’, which spurts forth from your speakers with a bestial fervor.  Drummer Jason Trecazzi simply does not let up during the entirety of this track- it’s as though he’s wired up to the mains and given the juice whenever he’s behind the kit, he’s that kinda fast. 

Naturally, there’s no let-up at all on this record- you are locked in, bound like the poor victim mentioned in the first song and must continue.  ‘Crack Whore Compost’ is the next attack, and it’s another grinding, noise-vomiting animal that gets the blood pumping and the windows rattling.  As if the grim song titles haven’t been grim enough, we’re greeted with ‘Anal Trauma’.  Yes, that’s right: ‘Anal Trauma’.  And, thankfully, it’s a blistering track with riffs so chunky they could be used to stop runaway trains. 

‘Icepick Ear Sodomy’ is a very Cannibal Corpse-emulating rager of a tune, with massive riffs, bellowing vocals and demented drumming.  It’s my favourite track on the album, and a mighty death metal anthem indeed.  At over 6 minutes it’s the longest song present on ‘Documentaries of Dementia’, and that’s no bad thing at all.  Quite the reverse, in fact.  The solos on show are majestic, frantic and simply enthralling: I doff my cap of rock to Tony Tipton and Ben Deskins, you’ve done some marvelous work, gents! 

This monolithic track is proceeded by a dark, demonic song called ‘Grotesque Skeletal Reconstruction’.  The riffs are pinch-harmonic laden, the drums unrelenting, the bass terrifying, the vocals primal and venomous.  Each individual element contributes to make up a truly terror-inducing beast: approach it with caution.  ‘Defecation Delicacy’ is the penultimate offering, and tears and rips at your eardrums like an industrial saw.  Then we have the final assault from this quintet from Columbus, Ohio

‘He Wears the Flesh’ is another colossal death metal blast, clocking in at just two seconds shorter than ‘Icepick Ear Sodomy’, and is a much different creature.  It’s a very understated beginning,  with a voiceover talking about a serial killer’s grisly collection.  Then the hate slams in like an inner-city mugging.  The music is powerful, never lowering in intensity or shying away from controversial subject matter: this is Necrotic Disgorgement, and they will never be anything less than pure death metal. 

Death metal is a pure animal, bred to cause controversy and make ears bleed wherever it may roam.  Necrotic Disgorgement is a pure death metal band: no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners, fiendishly talented and, above all, terrifically entertaining.  If you have a hankering to howl at the world and the problems it has thrown at you, this is most definitely your ally in the fight. 

Words by : Chris Markwell

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the CD here. Thanks to Catharsis PR for hooking us up.