Tuesday 16 July 2013

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Opium Morals (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 20/3/2013
Label : A389 Recordings

Opium Morals, album track listing:
Ghost Plains
2. )Moths
3). The Flock
4). Grindstone
5). Sunday Mass Grave

7). Reaper Christ
8). White Braid
9). Recitation Fire
10). Part 2

Hugh Blake – Bass
Brian Thomas – Drums
Eddie Bermudez – Guitar
Brock Elmore –Guitar
Tim McClary – Vocals

If you prefer your heavy music to be just as heavy as fucking possible, you will enjoy this album. There isn’t any beating around the proverbial bush with Seven Sisters of Sleep on their self-titled debut…. It’s just about as crushing as the death of a loved one and does not let up for one iota until the casket lid drops on this simple yet effective recording. It is everything filthy, depraved and muscular and lacks any soft spots, sticking strictly to the code of conduct offered up by the more notable sludge-purveyors of the past.

Despite being a DIY, ask-a-punk type band with crusty d-beat tendencies, the production is oh-so-sweet. The drums sound huge and the guitar and bass tones smother all living life forms who happen to be unlucky enough to lie in wait…. but it is the sentiment here that does the real damage. Stripped down and as base as the vilest act, these songs represent pissed off hardcore transcribed through the eyes of a band that aren’t afraid of beating us over the head to get their message across. 
And the message that comes across is simple and effective. You won’t find fancy frills or long-winded embellishments during the course of this record. What you will find is furious mid-tempo riffage coupled with a nihilistic vocal delivery.

Bottom line, these dudes destroy some shit on this record. Check it out.

Words by: Clayton Bartholomew

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links below.  You can buy the DD for a bargain price of $5 or more here ,CD here and Vinyl here