Sunday 21 July 2013

GREL - Red Sun God - EP Review

Red Sun God EP cover art

Grel is a Reefer Rock/Hard Rock/Stoner Rock band from Oklahoma, USA

The members are:


Grel used to be known as Deadweight but decided to change their name since there were a few other bands with the same names. So Grel was born, renamed, reborn etc....

Grel describe themsevles as "Classic rock, from Led Zeppelin to the most obscure 70s prog. Red Fang. Kyuss. Everyone on Small Stone records and Ripple Music, that kind of stuff." 

So they mention Kyuss, Red Fang, Small Stone Records and my fave label - Ripple Music. So that has definitely grabbed my attention.

Red Sun God is a rocking collection from the best sounds and riffs of the last 40 years or so. All mixed up in one hugely entertaining package. If you a musical equivalent to a time machine then Red Sun God is the EP for you. Shame it's only on for 27 mins or so but these guys do pack a huge punch to their music.

Tracks such as - Lady and Cosmic Lunch - have that 70's hard-rocking vibe with a slight hint of modern day riffs to rock out to.

It's not the most original of sounds but Grel do it brilliantly well. Red Sun God will leave you with a huge smile on your face. I can see Grel be perfectly at home with Ripple Music. As they play the same sort of riffs that the Ripple Brotherhood would dig.

Stone Frog has a Led Zepplin vibe going on matched against some superb piano playing lurking in the background. One of the EP's standout tracks.

Up next is - Silver Buckle - a mean hard rocking Blues Rock stomper of a song with some superb Blues Rock riffs thrown in for good measure. This is definitely a track you can boogie onto the dance floor with.

The next  two tracks - Astro Cannibalism and Gannymead - is where the band finally embrace their harder rock vibe and the results are explosive. These are definitely the best tracks on the album. As they are both pure balls-to-the-wall Hard Rock dripping with great riffs. If the guys do release a follow-up EP or album they should stick to this style of music as it's one that suits them best.

So that's Red Sun God. It's a great EP to show the bands talents. It would of been a much better release if the band stuck to the hard rock vibe of the excellent last two tracks. That's where I feel their talents truly belong.

But all in all this is a great release.

Red Sun God is available from BandCamp now. Thanks to the guys for sending me a promo to review.

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