Saturday 13 July 2013

WALL - S/T - Album Review

WALL cover art

Wall is a Doom/Pop/Sludge Metal Band from Köln/Bonn, Germany

The members are:

M - drums
A - guitar
S - vocals/synth
S - bass/vocals
I - guitar

Wall is an album I was made aware only this week from a friend of mine. His exact words were – Sludge, Doom, Pop, Heavy Riffs, Awesome vocals. Perfect for Sludgelord territory.

So I checked Wall’s BandCamp and bought their debut S/T album straight away. A steal at such a low price of 5 Euros. What you get is 7 tracks and 40 mins of heavy sludge metal riffage blended with elements of distorted heavy pop music. Yes, you can compare these guys to Torche and Floor. As Wall, apply the same principle to their music. Pop Music joined in the blissful union of Sludge Metal and the results are loud, heavy, infectious and all done in the best head-banging way possible.

First track – Beyond – starts off with a audio soundbyte from classic 80s film – Back To The Future

Marty McFly – Woah this is heavy. 

Doc Drown – There is that word again. Heavy. Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the world’s gravitational pull?

Then all carnage breaks loose. Wall are ready to take you through on a dark and twisted pop merry-go-round where the darkness is represented by brilliant Doom/Sludge Metal riffs that would make Torche proud. Wall’s sound is a bit distorted but it gives them a hard-hitting edge.

Check out 2nd track – Shrink. Another dark delicious offering from these pop-sludge metal overlords. It has some awesome riffs that will make you a huge fan of this band from the very first listen. The bass guitars are played at a very low down-tempo level, which gives the song an extra layer of heaviness. Plus the drumming feels like a sledgehammer in the background. Add sublime vocals and you have the recipe for an amazing Pop-Sludge Metal song if there ever was on.

OK so I have emphasised the Pop element a bit too much but that is how Wall define themselves. A Doom-Pop or Sludge-Pop band. A mixture of Doom and Sludge Metal held together by pop sensibilities. Wall do include elements of Grunge to their music as well to give their blend of Pop music that little bit of extra hard-edged distorted crunch.

Though you will not care, as you will be rocking out to the awesome riffs and vocals the album holds. The album cover maybe a simple design but it really show what is in store for you. Just wait until you hear the full album.

Wall do have 3 epic tracks to crush your soul to. Ranging from 6:30 mins to almost 10 mins in length/Especially on Ghosts, Generic and amazing 9:51 minute epic – Cheater.

Cheater is definitely the best track on the album. Starting as a mid paced bubblegum pop/rock song before turning into something more dark and sinister around the 4 minute mark. This is where Wall could give Isis a run for their money in the sludge heaviness stakes. It is a brilliantly put together Sludge Rock Masterpiece that will take your emotions into every direction possible. Just wait until the band kill the vocals and rely on their instruments to entertain you. Cheater starts ever so glorious like a happy summer’s day but ends in a loud dark despairing droning nightmare. But wait until the awesome riffs the band have in store for you at the end. All I am saying.

I have been signing the praises to this album to anyone who will listen the last few days. And I don't care if they are sick of me going on like a broken record. Everybody needs to check these guys out now!!!

As this album is something special indeed. If you’re a fan of Torche then your going to love it. Simple. This album is simply breathtaking from start to finish. It is brilliantly produced and played by everyone involved. Wall have delivered one of 2013’s must have albums.

Simply Incredible.

You can buy the album on DD from their BandCamp Page and Vinyl from This Charming Man Records.

Check This Amazing band from the links below.


Check out the excellent video for their brilliant track - Wasteland.