Wednesday, 21 August 2013

All Pigs Must Die - Nothing Violates This Nature (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 29/7/2013
Label  : Southern Lord

Nothing Violates This Nature, album track listing:
1. Chaos Arise
2. Silencer
3. Primitive Fear
4. Bloodlines
5. Of Suffering
6. Holy Plague
7. Aqim Siege
8. Sacred Nothing
9. Faith Eater
10. Articles Of Human Weakness

Bio :

A hateful unification of musicians from notable acts The Hope Conspiracy, Converge, Bloodhorse and more, as ALL PIGS MUST DIE these assassins fuse some of the most straightforward metal/hardcore elements into anthems as instantly infectious as they are incendiary. Live they’ve stormed venues alongside Integrity, Enabler, Ringworm, Black Breath, Eyehategod, Repulsion, Down, Sleep, Exodus, Church Of Misery and tons of others as part of The Power Of The Riff events, Southern Lord label showcases, Scion Rock Fest, SXSW and more, including a U.S. tour with Narrows. 2013 will see APMD touring in support of Nothing Violates This Nature; stay tuned for updates including new music, live actions, an official street date and more over the coming weeks

Band :

Kevin Baker
Ben Koller
Adam Wentworth
Matt Woods

Review :

Do you have those moments when you think, what the hell just happened? Perhaps you have just woken and you’re suffering the after effects of a hangover.  There are gaps in your memory, Yes?!  Your Leonard Shelby moment if you will.  The inability to recall or make new memories.  Well, having listened to the new record by All Pig Must Die, I am reeling, having been knocked the fuck out. Nothing Violates This Nature = massive head trauma. It comes with The Sludgelord warning, most likely to fuck with the Hippocampus.  Just like untreated encephalitis, this SOB of a record will leave permanent or long lasting damage if untreated. 

It is thusly, that although I cannot recall how I find myself, bIoody, beaten and scarred, I must piece together the events of this record, in order to present the sujet or narrative of NVTN.  Hand written notes, check, tattoos on the arms, check, Polaroid photos, check.  Let us look at the evidence.

As I sit adorning my new body art, canvassing my arms, legs and neck, wondering what the hell has happened to me.  Chaos Arise, Bloodlines, Holy Plague, Faith Eater.   It occurs to me that the permanence of the ink, is a method of recall or word association to trigger my brain into action to remember.  Through jaded eyes, it becomes clear that with this new adornment, I will never forget how truly vulnerable this record makes you feel, with Ben Koller’s drums, holding everything together with his seamless robotic precision, like a synchronised pulse generator, inflicting total distortion of your senses. Make no mistake APMD are a skull cracking wrecking ball.

This record is A Discordant masterpiece, and is yet another example of Southern Lord releasing one of the very finest records of the year.  All Pigs of Die deal in Rhythms of death, propelling explosive aural charges to your senses.  The record demands your attention; therefore following my own journey of sensory interrogation, I reached the conclusion to burn the hand written notes and polaroids, in favour of getting NVTN APMD tattooed on myself.  A reminder of that precise moment when It finally dawns on me, how brilliant this record truly is, but also as a means of propelling me on another journey to discover what is NVTN APMD when I forget.  Just like Leonard Shelby in his pursuit of John G.  The journey starts again, when I wake and open my eyes.  I will recall ‘NVTN APMD’, only this time, I don’t know how the journey will end. 

Words by : Aaron Pickford

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. Thanks to Lauren @ RarelyUnable as ever.