Monday, 12 August 2013

Choice Cuts : Torche - Meanderthal

This week it is the turn of Steve, our founder and overall Sludgelord, to make his Choice Cut selection.  Over to Steve for his views on Meanderthal by Torche. 

Torche’s line-up for this recording was
Steve Brooks – guitars and vocals
Juan Montoya – guitars
Jonathan Nuñez – bass
Rick Smith – drums

Now it is my turn for this week's - Choice Cuts Of Doom - My choice this week is Torche's 2nd album - Meanderthal. This album won Torche praise across the Sludge/Hard Rock spectrum when originally released in 2008. The album has it all - Riffs, Thrills, Spills and even more riffs with a hard-coated doom based pop edge.

Torche are on fine form here blazing there own path of Sludge/Doom/Pop melodic riffs. One minute they are one of the loudest bands on the planet and the next they have played one of the sweetest pop riffs you can possibly imagine. This album also includes my favourite ever Torche song - Grenades

A track that begs and screams to be played on the loudest speaker system possible. Just press play and Torche will have you rocking out to the finest Doom-Pop-Sludge track ever written. This song can be classed as Torche's anthem as almost everyone I know class Grenades as there fav Torche song. And why not. It is Torche at their most fun and hard rocking.

Plus you have many other fine heavy slabs of Sludge Metal Riffs for Torche to blast your ears into submission. - Triumph Of Venus, Pirana, Healer and Across The Shields. Proving that Torche are one of most original songwriters within the Sludge Metal sorry Rock Spectrum as the band don't like being classed as a Sludge Metal Band.

This album is one of the classic Sludge Metal albums that have been released over the last decade or so. Meanderthal proves Torche are at their most fun and dangerous as a four piece instead of a three piece as shown on 2010's Songs For Singles. Though Songs For Singles is a great release it was missing that something special. The little spark of danger that Meanderthal has. Steve Brooks always needs someone to duel with on guitar duties.

It was a shame that Juan Montoya left but they replaced Juan with a more than capable gunslinger/guitarist in the form of Andrew Eistner of Riddle Of Steel and Tilts fame.

Torche have proven to be one of the tightest bands in the realm of Sludge/Hard Rock. They are built for one thing - To Entertain the heck out of you through the power of riffs. And Torche are masters of the genre. Meanderthal is my choice cut this week, as it is a classic album everyone should check out. Cannot wait to see these guys in action on their forthcoming UK tour.

Words by : Steve Howe

Album Details:

Meanderthal is the second full length record by Torche. It was released on April 8, 2008.  Released as a collaboration between Hydra Head Recordings (CD) and Robotic Empire (Vinyl).

Meanderthal, album tracklisting:

1.                  "Triumph of Venus" - 1:44
2.                  "Grenades" - 2:53
3.                  "Piraña" - 1:32
4.                  "Sandstorm" - 2:19
5.                  "Speed of the Nail" - 1:41
6.                  "Healer" - 2:07
7.                  "Across the Shields" - 3:03
8.                  "Sundown" - 3:17
9.                  "Little Champion" - 0:34
10.              "Without a Sound" - 2:06
11.              "Fat Waves" - 4:32
12.              "Amnesian" - 6:25
13.              "Meanderthal" - 4:00

The Japanese CD, released by Daymare Recordings release of the album includes the entire In Return EP as bonus tracks


First Press: 3200

1000 as picture discs
800 on black vinyl
400 on yellow vinyl
400 on purple vinyl
350 on white vinyl
200 on orange vinyl
50 blank label test presses (all given to the band and Hydra Head)

Second Press: 2000
400 on cherry burst vinyl
200 on ice storm vinyl
400 on lizard skin vinyl
400 on magma vinyl
200 on rockslide vinyl
400 on tapwater vinyl

Third Press: 2000 repackaged in a gatefold jacket
500 on black vinyl
500 on yolk vinyl
500 on tainted grey vinyl
500 on Cuban flag vinyl

If you haven’t heard this band or this record, go check em’ out. We’ll be back next week with yet more, Choice Cuts of Doom!!  So until then, stay metal and Doom On!!