Friday, 2 August 2013

The Fitton Inquisition w/ Lesbian

Lesbian have already secured themselves many mentions on year end lists with their new doom epic 'Forestelevision', their first release for Translation Loss. The Seattle natives have produced a near 45 minute long single composition piece that will get you higher than Everest, without the need for securing any pharmaceuticals whatsoever. An absolute triumph in every sense of the word, I am overwhelmingly happy to subject them to the Fitton Inquisition. I hope you enjoy.

FI) Salutations! Lesbian seem to have landed in the hearts and minds of lovers of the heavy everywhere this year. How did you all come together? 
L) Shit doesn’t occur for no reason, it just happens. Many years ago, a series of serious events happened on this earth; and the Space Warrior conjured our collective essence. We were bourn of this fire.

FI) Translation Loss is a great label, doing cool things. How did that relationship come to be?

L) We have been fortunate enough to work with magical labels with killer rosters thus far that have been very supportive of our sonic vision. Translation Loss stepped forward and the whole partnership came about cosmically.  We’re very pleased to be part of the Translation Loss family.

FI) How the hell did you manage to record 'Forestelevision'? Was it all in one go, or did you have to do it in parts?
L) The nature of recording to 2” tape commanded that we record it in sections. We took great care in crafting the piece as a whole, and we always strive to achieve maximum sound quality. Two-inch tape is the only way to lay down basic tracks, especially bass and drums. We don’t bargain with our stuff! We recorded with one of Seattle’s best producers in one of Seattle’s best studios. We have been fortunate enough to develop a relationship with Randall Dunn, who has a way of cultivating and bringing out the best of our Total Fucking Ambience.
FI) Were there any specific influences upon the record at all? Who are some of your musical heroes?
L) Daniel Pinchbeck’s book, ‘2012: The Return of Quetzlcoatl’ was very influential, as well as ‘Supernatural’ by Graham Hancock, ‘The Cosmic Serpent’ by Jeremy Narby, ‘The Archaic Revival’ by Terence McKenna, Mount Rainier, Rainier beer, the dankest of the buds and the fruitiest of the Northwest fungi, the Hoh Rain Forest, also Gorguts, Eloy, Agitation Free, and Mahavishnu Orchestra, and the master Kim Bendix Petersen. And life and death, and life after death…
FI) I always like to ask a band what their dream line-up for a show or fest that they could play or curate might be. Who would play 'Lesbian-Fest'?
L) Judas Priest, Cathedral, Black Sabbath, Bill Hicks, and a new super group with Miles Davis on trumpet, Jimi Hendrix on guitar, Elvin Jones on drums, Cliff Burton on bass, Ronnie James Dio on vocals, and Syd Barrett on mushrooms.

FI) Are there plans in place to release the new album on vinyl?

L) We love our wax around these here parts. We are holding the vinyl in our hands right now. For maximum effect, you need two copies, two turntables, two mushrooms, and two joints.
FI) In terms of live performance, do you play or intend to play 'FTV' in its entirety?
L) Shit, we play this shit all the time. We play the shit out of it. We played this shit in England last year. Where the shit were you?
FI) Speaking of the stage, demand is surely going to increase to see you play this bad boy. Do you have any extensive touring plans, national or international?
L) Yes, but Dave Mustaine won’t return our calls.
FI) What kind of equipment do you guys use to achieve such a varied sound?
L) Auld equipment, ancient effects, higher consciousness, wicked hot tubes, and the most futuristic bongs OUT THERE.

FI) Thank you for answering these questions guys. Do you have anything you would like to say or promote to our readers?
L) Our new album is coming, a talismanic power. It is intended to reveal hidden dimensions, secret realms, and colours of the electromagnetic spectrum you’ve only dreamed of. The forest is dark and deep; and we all know you haven’t been there for a very long time. Get back to the woods because they have something to tell you.

Thanks to the dudes in Lesbian (The Band) for taking the time to take part in the interview.  Also massive thanks to Drew at Translations Loss Records for helping us organise it.  As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. This record is available now on CD and as a DD.  You can read Fitton’s brilliant review here.