Saturday, 17 August 2013

Death Ape Disco - Supervolcano

Supervolcano cover art

Death Ape Disco is as Stoner/Grunge/Hard Rock Band from Brighton, UK

The members are:

Rob Rainford sings
Kit Brice plays guitar
James Boulstridge plays another guitar
Sam Curtis plays monkeybass
Harry Lehane hits things

Death Ape Disco is a band I have been a lot of great things about. First I was thinking this really isn't my thing but over time I started to change my mind and I a huge fan. Maybe I was in a bad mood but these guys are the real deal.

I will let their in-depth bio tell you all you need to know.

"Death Ape Disco is a ferocious and expansive hard rock band from the South Coast of the UK, combining the best of Down, Alice In Chains and Clutch. Our debut album Supervolcano is one of the best rock debuts you will hear this year. Born from the pubs of Southern England and a shared love of heavy music, Death Ape Disco combine massive grooves with searing lead vocals and harmonies, great songwriting and superb musicianship. Supervolcano was recorded at Envy Studios in Petersfield (Mask Of Judas, Bloodshot Dawn) over 15 fevered 6pm-1am nights. The CD features an 8 page booklet with lyrics and brilliant photography and artwork by Greig Clifford and Becca Weight, which expands and complements the Supervolcano universe."

Their debut album - Supervolcano - is a huge fucking blast of heavy riffs. If you're a fan of bands such as Orange Goblin, Alice In Chains and Kyuss then this band is definitely for you. These guys know how to write a mean fucking riff with excellent singalong lyrics.

These guys might of been born in the UK Pubs but don't call these guys Pub Rock as they are truly better than that. These guys are serious contenders for one of the best UK Stoner Rock bands currently out there.

Check out excellent tracks - 10,000 Years, Grinding Down The Sun and Eclipse. All showing they have a very bright future indeed. I wouldn't be surprised seeing these guys supporting the Stoner Rock Heavyweights in the months to come. As they definitely have the power of getting an audience jumping and rocking in the moshpit. And Supervolcano is perfect headbanging moshpit material.

All in all - Death Ape Disco have released a fantastic debut album that will find many fans in the Stoner Rock crowd. Supervolcano is primed to EXPLODE!!!

You can download this on Buy Now Download on BandCamp. So what you're waiting for. Get downloading now if you want some brilliant Stoner Rock riffs with plenty of superb Grunge thrown in for good measure.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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BandCamp - You can buy a Physical CD for £7 from BandCamp.