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Weedpecker - S/T Album Review

Weedpecker cover art

Weedpecker is a Grunge/Stoner Metal Band from Poland

The members are:


 Band Bio

The band was started in 2011by the Dobry brothers, both taking guitar duties. At the end of the year joined the band Pan Falon, who also plays drums for Belzebong. The trio released their demo in 2012, still without bassist. At the end of the year finally joined the band as bassist Jose, spanish musician who also played before in bands like Looking For An Answer and Antigama. In April 2013 this formation (Piotr, Bartek, Falon and Jose) started recording material for their first album and performed live first time supporting americans Elder in Warsaw

Weedpecker - S/T Album Review

Ignore the weird sounding name of this band and embrace the brilliant riffs the band has on show. You can tell by the excellent album cover you are in for one heck of a wild ride. Stoner Metal and Grunge combine for one of the best début records of the year.

Influenced by a bands such as Alice In Chains, Baroness and Elder – Weedpecker take you on a cosmic spacey atmospheric journey piloted by some killer Stoner Metal/Grunge riffs. Weedpecker throw every thing at you. Loud epic riffs right from the start. Their S/T album has the perfect balance of 70s Psych Rock mixed with excellent modern Stoner Metal riffs.

The first track – Berenjena Pipe – will show you what this great band is all about. Excellent spacey Stoner Metal riffs that have a delicate 70’s Hard Rock vibe to them that will make you want to rock out from the start. Weedpecker have added killer vocals to give this track a hard rocking edge which shows the band are not afraid to experiment with their sound. It is a great preview on what to expect for the next 40 mins or so.

Weedpecker do have a brilliant Grunge vibe to their music as well which only becomes bigger and louder once the album settles down into it’s own stride. None more so on 2nd track – Mindbreath. A track full of fast paced riffs full of passion and wonder. The vocals have an excellent lo-fi vibe, which make this one of the albums standout tracks. This is where Weedpecker style of cosmic riffs will slowly be taking over your entire being. Just embrace the riff, as there is no escaping from it.

Weedpecker show what excellent musicians they are on the epic 3rd track – Don’t Trust Your Elephant – Come again. Don’t Trust Your Elephant. Seriously. Yeah folks. Weird song title but what a brilliant epic track. They could call this track whatever they wanted. It doesn’t hide he fact this song is a wonderful 9 minute epic full of sublime riffs that is beautifully put together. Space Rock, Stoner Metal and even Post Rock come together to take you on a wonderful journey that will leave you with a warm glow inside. Put this track on full blast and be prepared to be blown away.

You would think by now that Weedpecker would slow things down a bit for you to catch your breath. Well you would be wrong, as 4th track – Kraken – is another excellent instrumental track these sonic warriors have at their disposal. This is instrumental music of the highest order. Riffs feel they are sent from space and your body is the homing beacon for it to make contact with.

The next track – Sativa Landscapes – is the best track on the album. 8:19 minutes of pure genius. You can tell the guys have spent their time creating this track as it has many different vibes going on at the same time. Space Rock and Stoner Metal combine to take you on another wonderful cosmic fuelled journey. You never want to come back as the riffs have the power to hypnotize you for an eternity.

Alas, the journey must end sometime and Weedpecker do it with the excellent and dreamy last track – Weedfields. 6:30 mins to bring you back down to reality. This song has a wonderful blues-rock vibe playing at a slow pace mainly to bring you back down to reality with a bang. But wait until the 2:30 minute mark when Weedpecker have one last epic journey for you to go on. Loud riffs come out of nowhere and drown your senses with more sonic carnage for you to embrace. Until the dying seconds when the ride is finally over. But what a rush Weedpecker have taken you on.

WOW. Weedpecker have only been together since 2011but they are onto something special here. This album is going to take this band places. Weedpecker have a truly wonderful album on their hands.

This album is going to win Weedpecker a huge following. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Highly Recommended and Simply Unmissable.

Thanks to the band for sending me a copy. You can buy the album on Weedpecker BandCamp Page Now. Digital Downloads now. Physical Releases will be released later.

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