Thursday, 29 August 2013

STB Records Profile / Exclusive Vinyl News

I think it is safe to say that 2013 has been an incredible year for music and as we enter the final 3rd, we perhaps start to think about end of year lists and personal highlights.   For me, besides the incredible music I have discovered, a personal highlight has been my rediscovery of vinyl and subsequent purchases of many great vinyl releases.  Arguably the best of the bunch, has come from a relative new comer on the scene, STB Records.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of this label and is reading this article, must have been hibernating or living under a rock for the last 6 months, because we here at The Sludgelord, have taken it upon ourselves to show our unequivocal support to this label since their very first release.  In anticipation, of further incredible releases, I'm incredibly proud that Steve and STB have decided to grant us and you, with some exclusive info about their forthcoming releases.   Before we get onto the good stuff, here is a bit of background behind the label, in case you didn’t already know.

STB Records

This is what Steve had to say, when we talked a few months back.
“Honestly my biggest motivation is the amount of FUN it is for me.. I have met some of the best people along this journey. I love to learn as I go and there are plenty of people willing to help out. So my drive is just to keep people engaged with what I'm doing. It’s my way to give back to the DIY scene. A scene that shaped me as a kid to who I am now. It’s the LEAST I could do. Hardcore, Doom, Punk, Stoner, Metal.. it all goes hand in hand. Were all in this together. That’s my true motivation.. I'm a collector making collector’s items..for people just like me… It’s fun..”

Current STB releases include:
• Dopethrone: Demonsmoke LP - Die Hard Edition Ltd 50 / Standard Edition 200

• Spelljammer: Vol 2 LP Die Hard Edition 75 / Standard Edition 175

• Spelljammer: Vol 2/Inches from the Sun Die Hard Edition Cassette Tape 100

"Steve is probably the most enthusiastic music lover out there trying to spread music to the die hard fans. Working with him on the release of our Vol 2 was great. It was clear from the start that he really liked our music and he never let us forget that. We're extremely happy with the way the vinyl turned out, we've gotten a lot of positive response, and a lot of the credit goes to him for doing a fantastic job. I oversaw the creation of all the artwork for the vinyl and Steve was constantly coming up with ideas for different way of packaging it or telling me which designs he liked. Because of the time difference I'm kind of glad I'm a night person. But seriously, it was a thrill and I really hope we can do another release on STB." Niklas Olsson (Spelljammer)

• Traitors Return To Earth: Betting On A Full Collapse Die Hard Edition 37
“We knew he wanted to make a STB Die hard package we did not know what exactly what that would entail. Steve took the diehard package and ran with the idea. We are very pleased with what he came up with. It seems like a the fans approved of the diehard package as well. Judging by how quickly STB ran out of them.” Traitors Return To Earth

Just like ourselves, Steve and STB Records are music fans first and foremost.  As result, due to his love of slow heavy music, he has taken it upon himself to release the very best vinyl packages money can buy.  That dedication to riff heavy music and his attention to detail, has resulted in nearly every unit  of his vinyl and tapes packages selling out, which is no mean feat. 
Anyway, you’re probably thinking! Hey asshole,  (That’s Mr. Asshole, to you) where’s this exclusive news.  So here goes, next in line of badass vinyl releases, is Doctor DooM.


What you need to Know
Straight from France, S.T.B. Records brings you DoctoR DooM's debut EP on Limited Edition
Vinyl!  DoctoR DooM are purveyors of 60's/70's stoner-psych with its own unique feel. It's Stoner
Rock, it's Doom, it's Psychedelic! At the same time, its none of the above. Prepare yourself
to purchase an instant classic!

Pressing Info:

Extremely limited to 100 pieces! Clear Vinyl, ‘A’ side only, no labels. Hand screened ‘B’ side
with custom art work created by the great Barla Horn, then inserted into a high quality
hand-screened, hand-numbered clear sleeve.

Glass was the inspiration!

Die Hard version will be an unspecified number, they will be sold on a first-come, first served
basis. The Die Hard will be semi-clear glow in the dark ink and the art work on the bags will be in same ink. Less is more. Standard Edition will be sparkly black and same art work as Die Hard version.

STB Steve recalls, “As soon as I heard this EP I was hooked, it kind of carves its own path.
It’s classically styled yet unique. It instantly grabbed my attention. After a few days of
continuous rotation I knew I had to own it on vinyl! That is when I contacted Jean-Laurent
and the rest of DoctoR DooM and expressed my interest. They immediately responded with
a yes and have been awesome to work with. I am VERY excited to see this release come out.
This will be the most unique release to date.”

Band Bio :

Based in Ariège (Midi-Pyrénées, France), formed in 2011.

From a metal background, the guitarists, Jean-Laurent and Jeremie came together through a
shared interest in the legendary rock bands of the 60’s and 70’s. Soon they were joined by
the superb rhythm section of Sebastian (bass) and M. Marcq (drums) and put together a set
comprised of covers and originals that straddled the boundaries between blues and hard

After a series of gigs in 2012, DoctoR DooM finished their 1st EP, DoomO, featuring the
first 3 originals by the band. Available for streaming and free download on the band’s
Bandcamp page.

Greatly inspired by the recent wave of Scandinavian Stoner/Rock bands (Graveyard,
Witchcraft, Spiders, Asteroid …) and the foundational bands of this genre (Black Sabbath,
Deep Purple, Coven …), DoctoR DooM’s music is firmly rooted in rock culture, combining vintage sound and heavy riffs while using song structures more typical of progressive rock.

In anticipation of the imminent release of the exclusive vinyl, you can listen to DoctoR DooM below.  What's more, you can download the release for free over at their bandcamp page here


If that wasn’t enough, here is details of other forthcoming releases
• Brimstone Coven: LP (coming soon) Limited Edition of 250 (Die Hard Edition 50 / Edition 75 / Standard Edition 125)
• Geezer: Gage EP (coming soon) Limited edition of 100
• Druglord: Brand New Album recorded by Garrett Morris of Windhand due out winter

For more information on these upcoming releases, head over to STB Records Facebook, Twitter and big cartel for up to date information.  For more information on DoctoR DooM, check out the band on Facebook and Bandcamp.  Watch this space for exclusive reviews and interviews with DoctoR DooM record over the forthcoming weeks ahead.  Until then, support DIY.  You can read my interview with STB Steve here.  DooM on!!

Words by : Aaron Pickford