Thursday, 8 August 2013

HELHORSE - Oh Death - Review

Helhorse is a Hard Rock/Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from Copenhagen, Denmark

The members are

Vocals: Mikkel Wad Larsen
Vocals & Rhodes: Aske Kristiansen
Guitar: Jakob Møgelcunt
Guitar & Backing vocals: Stephan C. Krabsen
Bass: Søren Nybo Hansen
Drums: Jesper Bergstedt

Helhorse is a band who have been conquering the Hard Rock world over the last few years of so with their intense blend of Sludge, Stoner Metal, Hardcore Punk and all-round Hard Rocking riffs. They have been called a deadly union of Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet and Black Flag. And that is one serious combination.

Helhorse have toured with such heavyweights as Kadavar, Monster Magnet and Black Label Society. Their 2011 debut album – For Wolves and Vultures – was acclaimed for its hard rocking and uncompromising blend of riffs. Well two years later the band are back with their incredible 2nd album – Oh Death.

Oh Death – features 11 tracks running at a perfect hard rocking 41 mins or so. If you thought, their first album was an all out assault on the senses wait until you hear this Oh Death. It’s an unstoppable barrage of riffs you won’t be able to get enough of.

First track – Fuck Art, Let's Kill – is the perfect introduction to the band if you haven’t heard of them before. It goes straight for the jugular. Keyboards and guitars starting quietly before vocalist Mikkel makes his presence known. He might start singing at a restrained pace but wait until the guitars kick up a gear and the awesome sing-along chorus quickly embraces you like a violent out of control tornado . Devouring everything in its wake!!!

Second Track – Hell Hath No Fury – shows what Helhorse are all about. Angry vocals and riffs to match but with a dangerous fast paced edge. This song is what Monster Magnet would sound like if they ever decided to become possessed by a dark spirit. We can be grateful that Helhorse are already that dark and dangerous. Their blend of Hardcore, Sludge and Stoner Metal riffs go into overdrive. Sit back and be prepared to witness the full power of Helhorse. What really makes this track standout is the excellent keyboards playing in the background. Sent chills down my spine.

Third Track – The Seams Of Life – starts with a soothing piano instrumental before the heavier double-barrel threat of drums and guitars slowly start taking over. Vocalist Mikkel is on fine form here. Telling a dark tale that could cause serious damage to your health. But Helhorse offset this dark imagery with more sublime riffs.

Helhorse change their style yet again on the excellent hard rocking track – The Carnal Rage. This track is definitely built for the moshpit crowd as it never lets up from the start. Different style of brutal faced paced riffs are thrown at you from all directions. Just like being in a moshpit itself. I can see Helhorse playing this track early on at their gigs to get the crowd started and to show they mean business.

The album has two-standout tracks – Climb Through Fire and Death Comes To The Sleeping – worth for the album purchase alone. These tracks prove what excellent songwriters Helhorse are. The songs have an emotional punch that can bring a tear to your eye. Yeah you’re still rocking out but Helhorse actually make you think of what is happening in the world around you. Very powerful stuff indeed.

I have gone on long enough. I don’t want to spoil anything else for you but take my word for it when I say that Oh Death is a brilliant album you all need in your life. Oh Death will surely see Helhorse enhance their reputation on the global stage as a band to be reckoned with.

I have a feeling that Helhorse will be one of the most talked bands in 2014. Oh Death is their passport to the big time. Watch these guys soar - They truly deserve it.  What more can I say. I loved every hard rocking minute of it.

Thanks to the band, Jacob and James at Target Group for hooking me up.

Oh Death is available to buy from Mighty Music/Target form Sept 23th 2013.

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Check out the excellent video for - Death Comes To The Sleeping. Amazing Song!!!