Saturday, 17 August 2013

Die Like Gentlemen - Romantic Delusions Of Hell

Romantic Delusions of Hell cover art 

Die Like Gentlemen is a Sludge Metal Band from Portland, OR, USA

The members are: Adam, Shawn, Matt, Kurt

So what else would we expect from a band Portland, Oregon. A place that has given us brilliant bands such as Lord Dying, Stoneburner, Diesto, Wizard Rifle, Nether Regions, Rabbits, NORSKA and YOB

You getting the picture. Loud and brilliant heavy Sludge/Stoner Metal bands that know about playing a riff or two. Well Die Like Gentleman are another band to add to that list as believe me these guys are fucking sublime.

Their debut album - Romantic Delusions Of Hell - is a fucking blast from start to finish. A wonderful slice of Prog-Sludge Metal Heaven.. I have been listening to this album for a few weeks now and it becomes better with each and every listen. The vocals might take a while to get used to but they will have you hooked in no time at all. It gives the album a highly passionate edge.

The album features 5 tracks and runs for a brutal 38 mins or so. If you love progressive sludge metal riffs then this album is for you. Brutal sharp violent heavy riffs run through out the album. Each causing more damage than the last especially on tracks such as Covetous, Setting The Features and Reign In Hell.

It might have a slight DIY Punk Vibe but that only works in the albums favour as it shows how talented the band actually is. There are no flashy gimmicks to make you take notice. Just 4 dudes making brilliant Sludge Metal music to rock the fuck out to.

The album does have a slight Punk/Stoner Rock vibe lurking later on in the album which was a really pleasant surprise. But I will let you discover that one for yourselves. 

I loved this album from the start. It's a heavy and brutal as fuck 38 minutes to start your days or evenings just right. LOUD AND ANGRY AS HELL!!!

Die Like Gentlemen have released a superb album. No Question. If this is what Romantic Delusions Of Hell is meant to sound like - then where the fuck do I sign as I want to go!!!

You can download Romantic Delusions Of Hell on BandCamp Buy Now Download. Do it now. You won't be sorry.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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