Thursday, 15 August 2013

Revocation - S/T (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 6/8/2013
Label : Relapse Records

Revocation, album track listing:
1. The Hive
2. Scattering the Flock
3. Arch Fiend
4. Numbing Agents
5. Fracked
6. The Gift You Gave
7. Invidious
8. Spastic
9. Entombed By Wealth
10. A Visitation

One of the most exciting modern metal bands on the planet, REVOCATION return with their fourth full-length and most mind-blowingly impressive album to date.  Displaying an unprecedented level of musicianship, the quartet shred and slaughter their way through ten insane tracks of guitar wizardry, stunning dexterity and next-level songcraft.  This self-titled masterpiece combines all of the band's trademark elements and cranks them up to 11.  Thrashing, virtuosic melodies, top-notch technical drumming and an all-out vocal assault take the listener on a lightning ride through the hallowed halls of heavy metal.  REVOCATION have proven that they are here to stay and miles above their peers

Phil Dupois – Coyne, Drums
David Davidson, Guitars, Vocals
Dan Gargiulo, Guitars, Vocals
Brett Bamburger, Bass


Revocation’s brand new album has just crashed into my aural mansion like a truck full of explosives and cans of Monster.  These guys are currently tearing up the States as part of the Summer Slaughter tour with The Ocean, Dillinger Escape Plan, Cattle Decapitation and an armada of other righteous metal bands and, judging by this sonic offering, they can stand alongside their peers as equals. 

‘The Hive’ kicks off with some discordant droning and sound effects, leading into a riotous chunk of riffery that slams and pounds like a demonically-possessed bulldozer.  The pinch-harmonics hook into you with barbarous malice and drag you along like you are freshly-caught prey.  Which you are.  From the moment you put this album on, you belong to Revocation: but don’t worry, you’re in good hands with your new masters. 

You are then dragged unceremoniously into ‘Scattering the Flock’, a balls-out metal party filled with truly despicable vocals, violent guitar attacks and some really evil drumming.  If you had these guys play at a house party, I’m sure this song would not only raise the roof, but also blow out the windows and boil your house pets in their own skin.  The temperature then simply gets raised with ‘Arch fiend’’s feedback-driven appearance: the music is spikier than a Legion of Doom Appreciation event, and the melodies are simply gut-burstingly furious.  Even the surprise inclusion of some flamenco-style acoustic guitars near the end fits in with the gripping intensity this song has: magnificent. 

‘Numbing Agents’ is a somewhat ironic title: it will not nicely subdue you or give you a gentle euphoria, but rather pummel you into submission with its snarling strikes.  It feels like David Davidson, Dan Gargiulo, Brett Bamberger and Phil Dubois have made it their mission to cause as much sonic harm as possible with their latest release, and that’s never more apparent than with ‘Numbing Agents’.  It’s just brutal, double-barreled anger aimed straight at your head.  Prepare to get blown away.  ‘Fracked’ chugs its way onto the scene with a body-moving rhythm that really gets your blood pumping and your synapses snapping.  Watch out for the tremendous solos midway through the song: otherwise they’ll give you a right-cross that’ll send you pin wheeling to the floor. 

The slow, deliberate start to ‘The Gift You Gave’ gives way under the tide of guitars that wash over you with such irresistible force.  It’s such a mighty tune it feels almost orchestral, it’s that full to the brim with sound and scope.  The change midway through really adds to the dynamism and energy, and again the solo on display just oozes musical confidence and talent.  The drums just hammer down on ‘Invidious’, then some crazy thrash banjoing happens.  Yes, you heard right: thrash banjo.  Then a crushing, Mustaine-esque guitar tirade pounds in and some semblance of normality is restored.  ‘Invidious’ feels like a nod to the classics given to us by the Big Four, with a healthy dose of new-age heaviness added to the sonic brew. 

‘Spastic’ is an odd tune: the guitars spew forth wild riffs, the bass snaps and pops and the drums rage and bellow throughout.  There are no vocals present here, and neither are they needed: the music is a dark and compelling story all on its own.  Modern-day greed is the focal point for penultimate track ‘Entombed by Wealth’, and it’s a menacing reminder that you should never put financial gain above everything else in your life, otherwise the only true reward you’ll receive for your life is a lonely funeral.  The music is especially excellent here: getting both your head banging and your mind thinking.  The album closes with ‘A Visitation’, which storms and screams at you like an angered spirit from beyond.  The track fades out to nothingness, and you are left behind in a silence that seems almost deafening. 

Boston, MA has yet another magnificent band to add to its roster in Revocation.  I’m sure the Summer Slaughter tour this year has been made all the more metal with their inclusion.  This brand new album of theirs is a brilliant and vibrant new metal monster truck that you should definitely allow to drive into your sonic mansion.  It’ll look better for it. 

Words by : Chris Markwell

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy this release here in a variety of formats. This record is available everywhere now. Thanks to Becky @ Pioneermusicpress for the hook up

July 14 Reading, PA Reverb
July 15 Peoria, IL Brass Rail
July 18 Reno, NV Knitting Factory
July 19 San Francisco, CA The Regency
July 20 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
July 21 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory
July 24 Oklahoma City, OK Diamond Ballroom
July 25 Austin, TX The Scoot Inn
July 26 Dallas, TX House of Blues
July 27 Houston, TX House of Blues
July 29 Orlando, FL House of Blues
July 30 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade
July 31 Knoxville, TN Old City Courtyard
Aug 01 Myrtle Beach, SC House of Blues
Aug 02 Silver Spring, MD The Fillmore
Aug 03 Worcester, MA The Palladium
Aug 04 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
Aug 07 New York, NY Best Buy Theater
Aug 08 Toronto, ON The Sound Academy
Aug 09 Montreal, QC Heavy MTL
Aug 10 Albany NY Upstate Concert Hall
Aug 11 Detroit MI Majestic Theatre
Aug 12 Chicago IL House of Blues
Aug 13 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
Aug 14 Minneapolis, MN Station 4
Aug 16 Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
Aug 17 Salt Lake City, UT The Complex
Aug 18   Boise, ID       The Venue
Aug 19 Seattle, WA Showbox SODO
Aug 20 Portland, OR Roseland Ballroom
Aug 21 Richland, WA Ray's Golden Lion
Aug 22 Spokane, WA The Center
Aug 23 Billings, MT Railyard
Aug 24 Cheyenne, WY Ernie November Record Store
Aug 25 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews
Aug 26 Columbus, OH Ace of Cups
Aug 27 Kingston, NY BSP Lounge
Aug 28 Albany, NY Bogies

Revocation European Tour
Sep 18        Bochum GER          Matrix  
Sep 19         Paris  FR        L'Empreinte   
Sep 20        London UK         Islington Academy   
Sep 21         Manchester  UK        NQ Live   
Sep 22         Glasgow UK         Cathouse          
Sep 24         Brussels  BE        Magasin 4   
Sep 25         Enschede NLD        Atak    
Sep 27         Stockholm SWE     Klubben   
Sep 28        Gothenburg  SWE    Sticky Fingers   
Sep 29         Oslo NOR          John Dee   
Sep 30         Copenhagen  DK    Lille Vega    
Oct 01         Berlin GER          Magnet   
Oct 02         Hamburg GER        Logo       
Oct 04         Munich GER         Hansa 39  
Oct 05        Leipzig GER         Conne Island  
Oct 06         Vienna AT          Szene   
Oct 07         Milan IT            Tunnel   
Oct 08         Solothurn SWI          Kulturfabrik Kofmehl   
Oct 09         Stuttgart GER        Stuttgart Universum   
Oct 10         Frankfurt GER        Batschkapp
Dec 07        Santurce, Puerto Rico    La Respuesta