Tuesday 20 August 2013

Årabrot - S/T - Album Review


Årabrot is a Sludge Metal/Noise Rock Band from Norway

Årabrot are a band who need no introduction. They have been playing their hard-hitting blend of Sludge and Doom Infused Noise Rock since 2001. Since then they have released 5 albums which all have been acclaimed for their range of diversity and sounds the band manage to create on every release they unleashed upon to the world.

Their 2011 album - Solar Anus - was acclaimed as the bands best work to date. The album is a striking work of insane genius. Two years later this demented duo are back with their new S/T album. Their 6th album overall and I am happy to report they are still crazy as insane as ever.

Årabrot have always been a band who can delight & entertain you one minute and while frustrating the heck out of you the next moment.

The new album is louder and more disturbing than the last. First track – Ha-Satan Deofol – the band have lost none of their insane magic. Vocalist K:N is on fine creepy form through out. Creepy lyrics matched with superb noise rock riffs show why Årabrot are masters at what they do.

The 10 songs here prove Årabrot are definitely in a league of their own. And on this form, nobody can touch them. Their blend of Sludge/Doom/Noise Rock will have you looking over your shoulders at it has the power to make your worst possible nightmares come alive.

Tracks such as – Throwing Rocks At The Devil, Arrabal’s Dream, Drawing Down The Moon and Maenads – are not only brilliantly written tracks but they are seriously creepy tales of the unknown that will send chills down your spine. Årabrot have a dark violent streak that wouldn’t go a miss from a Death/Black metal band. But it’s to their credit they make you care about the dark tales they are telling you through the power of music.

The album feels like a classic 70’s European Horror movie. It has thrills, spills and chills with a terrifying dark rock vibe that will make you headbang and scream at the same time. You may think I am going slightly insane with this review and maybe I have but this album is very hard to describe indeed. But it has such a brilliant charm of it’s own that it’s impossible to ignore.

Yeah there are riffs to be found here but Årabrot will make you work hard for your reward. You will have to go through this dark creepy encounter again and again. As it’s actually a complex multi-layered album. But long time fans will already know this. Årabrot are one of the most unconventional Sludge/Noise Rock bands you’re ever likely to encounter. With this being their sixth album, I can see no signs of this band changing styles or slowing down. And I thank the metal heavens we have bands like Årabrot to push the boundaries of conventional music.

Årabrot have proven again they are one of the most forward thinking bands on today’s Sludge/Noise Rock Scene. Their new album is an unflinching assault on the senses. If you thought their last album was something different then you aint heard nothing yet.

The production on the album is nothing short of brilliant. Årabrot sound better and more violent than ever.

Another excellent album from this legendary band of noisemakers. Ignore this at your peril.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Rachel at Silver PR for sending me a copy to review. The album is now available to buy on Fysisk Format Records.

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