Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mountain Witch - Cold River - Review

Mountain Witch is a Doom/Stoner Metal Band from Germany

The members are:

Rene Roggmann - Drums, Vocals
Rene Sitte - Guitar, Vocals
Tobert Knopp - Bass

Mountain Witch are not the most original bands on the market. There music is stepped in 70’s Classic Hard Rock and Doom Metal from bands such as Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Saint Vitus and Pentagram.

However, you can’t deny the fact these guys can write a mean riff full of hard-rocking grooves. I have the pleasure of reviewing Mountain Witch’s eagerly awaited second album – Cold River. And boy, it doesn’t disappoint one bit. The album runs for a blistering 48 mins and you’re never bored for a second.

The first two tracks – Snake Wand and Shrubbery The Warlock – have a deeply rooted connection to the 70s it might be best to grow your beards long and dig out those platform shoes. That’s how rooted Mountain Witch are and that is no bad thing when the riffs are this good. The vocals felt like they have been dropped off by a certain time machine capable of doing 88 mph.

The album does have a slight Occult Rock vibe, which gives the band a groovy hard rocking edge. The only thing is missing the big cauldron pot and actual witches. Well you get the picture.

Mountain Witch is going to appeal to fans of retro Doom/Stoner Rock the most. If you’re a fan of Kadavar then please meet your favourite new band. This album has been played non-stop on my MP3 player for the last few days. It has a stunning collection of nine great tracks to choose from. This is all killer and no filler.

Fast-paced riffs and occult based lyrics combine to prove what a great band Mountain Witch actually are. If you were slightly disappointed by the new Black Sabbath album then this might restore your faith a bit in good old fashioned Doom Metal music. The band is a tight unit and play off each other so well. There are no flashy progressive riffs just good old fashioned Doom/Stoner Metal riffs the old masters used to play. It’s a dying art but it’s great to see a band like Mountain Witch continue that tradition.

The lyrics are expertly written and they match perfectly with the music on show. Most of the tracks run for about 5 to 6 mins in length so these guys know how to hold your attention through out. The 70’s vibe is played out down to a fine art and the album is even better for it. Listen to the excellent riffs on – Once I Am King – and tell me you’re not missing that whole legendary time period when Doom Metal was starting to take off. OK I was born in 1976 but it’s because of bands like this I wish I was born earlier to fully experience bands such as Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Deep Purple in their prime.

But it’s great we have bands like Mountain Witch to take their mantle on and still make it sound very exciting. Mountain Witch have managed to include a cover of one of the 70s genuine hard rock classics – Deep Purple’s – Black Night is given the Mountain Witch treatment. It doesn’t stray too far from the original but it’s still a great cover to listen to.

The album is expertly produced through out. Everything is played loud and crisp. The sound has enough punch to have you rocking all the way through.

Cold River is an excellent album for everyone to check out. Highly Recommended.

Now where are my keys to the DeLorean….

Thanks to Chris at This Charming Man Records for sending me a promo to review.

Cold River will be available to buy on This Charming Man Records from Oct 2013.

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