Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tyranny Is Tyranny - Let It Come From Whom It May

Let It Come From Whom It May cover art

Tyranny is Tyranny is a Noise Post-Rock Band from Madison, WI, USA

The members are:

Russell Emerson Hall: guitar, vocals
Jason Jensen: guitar
M. Guy Ficcioto: bass, screams
Ben J. Aldis: drums on album recording
Jonathan Brown: Drums


Madison WI post-noiserock focusing on dynamics, repetition, and the dismantling of capitalism.
Former members of The United Sons Of Toil laying down long-form slabs of bleak dynamics and left-wing outrage. Slather yourself in despair!

Tyranny Is Tyranny is the title of the fourth chapter of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States."

Tyranny is Tyranny came to my attention due to two of the members (Russell and Jason) being apart of sadly missed Post-Hardcore/Sludge/Noise Political Rockers - The United Sons Of Toil - who I featured back in 2011. I once said this about that great band:

"These guys are a politically driven band. And it shows in their music. Each album has a thought provoking message attached to them. And that is a good thing in my book. We need bands like The United Sons Of Toil to show or inform us of the different and political injustices in the world."

Well two years later and Russell and Jason have formed Tyranny Is Tyranny to carry on their hard hitting social conscience blend of Noise/Hardcore/Post-Rock. Their new album - Let It Come From Whom It May - is an excellent album from the start.

Tyranny Is Tyranny don't hold back showing people what is wrong with the world. The band have a lot in common with The United Sons Of Toil but here they are more focused and angrier than ever. This is a wakeup call to everyone to check the world around them. Tyranny is Tyranny are not afraid to show how fucked up the world really is and what you can do to help out.

The album is full of hard-hitting tracks that pack a mean emotional and political punch. Who needs politicians when you have bands like this telling you how the world really is. There are no political gimmicks just good old fashioned truth and justice done through the power of Noise Rock.

The album titles are a powerful indicator on what to expect - The American Dream Is A Lie, Owned By Thieves and the brilliant - Always Stockholm, Never Lima. The album has a superb lo-fi feel to it. It gives the album that more truthful feel to it. There is no bullshitting with these guys. What you see is what you get.

It's a good job that Tyranny Is Tyranny have a great deal of riffs to help get their message across. So if you want to rock out then you can as well as be educated at the same time.

This is Politically Driven Rock Music at it's most raw and most truthful. Tyranny Is Tyranny have delivered one of the best Noise Rock albums of 2013. No Question. An amazing release from a truly forward thinking band.

Just headover to BandCamp and download this now. As its available on Buy Now Download. If you want to help the guys out then you can buy CD's and Vinyls as well.

Brilliant. End Of.

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