Monday, 12 August 2013

Meth Drinker / Moloch Split 12" (Review)

Album Type : Split 12”
Date Released :  Out Now
Label : Feast of Tentacles
Meth Drinker / Moloch split 12, track listing:
1). Spleen Splitting Pavement
2). 731 (Reprise)
3). Test Subject
4). 2 Minutes Hate
5). Vomit Phobia
6). Hunchback
It's splitsville, baby! It's been well documented on here that these types of release are some of my favourite. They usually end up being a nice bit of variety for an affordable sum, brought together in the spirit of noisy independence and cooperation. And what noise we have available for you today...
Let's start with New Zealand's contribution to this savage beast - the grimly titled Meth Drinker.  The first thing that you notice is the raw quality of the production value, which only enhances the uneasy feel of their brand of vicious Doom squalor. 'Spleen Splitting Pavement' begins with a level of feedback that will make you feel truly dopesick, and will continue to not ease the pain by being so monolithic and slow that you'll want to pass out for just some slight and brief reprieve. It sounds like the riffs were submitted to tape in a fucking cavern. I love it.
'Test Subject' is more of the same, the manic depression and lack of control of EHG, played at at a pace that Monarch would consider tackling. It's some dark and impressive shit, heavy as hell and packed with malice. Meth Drinker? Sounds like they're positively bathing in the stuff first.
The other contributor to this unholy communion is a home grown talent that people keep telling me to watch out for, and those people were spot on in their assessment. Nottingham's Moloch are INCREDIBLE. Like, really, really sick. Their brand of Doom is just as apocalyptic, but even more focussed, like a surgical strike that uses amps instead of missiles. The first of their two tracks is called 'Vomit Phobia', and it's an utter beast. Riffs surface and swell like Cthulhu rising from the deep and the drums land like extinction level event asteroids. But there is a great sense of groove later on, and when it drops it's a pure pleasure to behold.
'Hunchback' is another track on this release that is also drenched in feedback, that blissful squeal that we all know so well. Shorter in length than it's predecessor but no less threatening, it's a nice slice of heavy that'll pound it's way into your skull and latch onto your spine like a leech. Couldn't shake that nice build that it features all day long. Why can't they put music like this on insurance adverts instead? I might buy that shit then. I certainly wouldn't resent it instead.
All around a great split by two crazy good bands. Having seen the colour of the vinyl too (blood red) I am firm in the belief that you lot are gonna want to get your filthy little paws all over these filthy sounds. Do not delay!
Words by : Matt Fitton

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. This record is available now. Thanks to Feast of Tentacles for sending the record for review.