Monday, 12 August 2013

Phantom Glue - A War of Light Cones (Album Review)

Album Type : Full Length
Date Released : 16/7/2013
Label : Black Market Activities
A War of Light Cones, album track listing:
1). Perils 03:43
2).Captain Keith Pierce 02:41
3). Neurolizard 06:10
4). Bow in the Dust 02:55
5). Biocult 04:16
6). Arboreal 03:45
7). Test Pattern 05:23

Nick Wolf – Bass, Vocals
Mike Gowell – Guitars
Matt Oates – Vocals, Guitars
Kyle Rasmussen  - Drums

Review :
I’ve been living with this album for the past couple of weeks. It has been a friend. At times, an adversary. Sometimes I don’t trust it and refuse to return its text messages. It rarely cleans up after itself and insists on leaving a trail of dirty socks everywhere. But overall, I think it has been a companion worthy of endorsement. We have shared so many epic moments together in such a short time; my brain is just overflowing with heartfelt sentiments.
Here’s why.
This band have a natural knack for seamlessly arranging gigantic stoner-laden riffs with odd time signatures ala Torche. The vocal delivery is of the screamed/yelled variety straight through the entire album, but that only works to enhance the overall vibe. The Kurt Ballou treatment gives this piece some enormous balls, albeit very familiar balls. The tones sound eerily similar to many other God City recordings, which is great seeing as how everything Ballou touches comes out sounding like the bee’s knees.
Opening track, “Perils”, comes out of the gate full steam with a gigantic hook that serves as a centrepiece of the track, revisited a few times before closing out the short and to-the-point song, effectively setting the tone for the rest of the album. The thing that these guys have capitalized on is groove, which is cleverly disguised by all of the thoughtfully arranged twists and turns in terms of timing and melody. But what sticks in ones head and gets under ones skin are all the grooves… oddly phrased as they are.
Keep an eye on this band and this record. I certainly hope they get the attention they deserve. 
Words by : Clayton Bartholomew

As ever, show your support to the band by checking them out at the various links.  You can buy the record here. This record is available on DD everywhere too. Thanks to Curran Reynolds for sending the record for review.