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Carousel 'Jeweler’s Daughter' Artwork

Carousel is a Hard Rock Band from Pittsburgh, PA, USA

The members are:

Dave Wheeler - Guitar/Vox
Chris Tritschler- Guitar
Jake Leger - Drums
Jim Wilson- Bass

Jeweler's Daughter 
Tee Pee Records : 20 August 2013


Pittsburgh rockers, Carousel, have made one hell of a debut! It's everything I've expected and more. These guys are the rock n roll band of our generation. I'll say it again. These guys are THE rock n roll band of our generation. No doom, no screaming or lyrics about the occult. Just 100% pure, unadulterated rock n roll! I'm sure they might get tired of being compared to Thin Lizzy but this is everything I wish Black Star Riders would've been. With catchy, charismatic melodies and choruses, it's hard not to compare these guys with the legendary classic performers. If we were in the 70's, I have no doubt they would be headlining over Mountain, touring with Deep Purple and playing arenas. With a live presence that's not to be fucked with, I patiently wait for the next "Live And Dangerous." Until then, polish your boots, strap in and feel the torque of this machine break your chassis.

"Jeweler's Daughter" starts off full force with the engine revving self titled track. I'm hit immediately with imagery of skeletons with beards riding choppers down an endless highway in the middle of the desert. A slick crafted song that gets better with every listen.

Next up is a huge highlight. This will most likely be one of my Top Ten Songs Of 2013. You'll be singing the chorus to "Long Time" and air riffing the beautifully bent notes while snarling with one eye closed every chance you get. After hearing this song twice, I was already doing this in elevators and empty hallways without noticing. Now I'm catching myself doing this without music. THAT'S a damn good song! Song writing at it's highest calibre.

"Crippler" will break your tailbone with it's bouncy rhythm. Smooth like honey whiskey and a guitar solo that stings like your impending hangover. This is the new party anthem that needs to play from every jukebox in every bar across the southern United States. Feel free to chain-smoke and make late night regrets accordingly.

My favorite song on the album, "On My Way," gets me fuckin' floored! Faster than your ex-girlfriend, this sexy little gem will break your heart when it's over. Ripping guitars turned up to 11, face pounding drums, and lyrics that will have you reenacting the classic Maxell commercial while flying faster than Steve McQueen. When you get pulled over in a school zone and asked why you don't care about the life of handicapped children, point to your stereo and turn it up. Odds are he'll offer you a beer and nod approvingly. I've played the scenario in my head hundreds of times and come to the same conclusion every time.

"Waste Of Time" is a nice change of pace and has some great guitar effects. The bass and drums keep this playful river flowing steadily to a conclusive waterfall.

More than halfway through the album, "Light Of Day" has some of the strongest guitar licks that I've heard in a while. Another favorite. Another favorite Jason?? Yes another goddamn favorite! This song is solid and makes any self respecting rock n roll guitar player or song writer kick himself for not being everything he wishes he could be; which is this. Every rock n roll band should be as good as this or give up. Yes I said it. You can tell by the musicianship of Carousel that they have studied rock and blues history to the fullest extent and have masterfully crafted one of the finest pieces of art in rock history. That's how much I love and respect this song. When you're not looking, this song probably smokes weed with Cream and rides horses with James Gang. It shot the flare that burned down the Montreux Casino. This is a modern day classic. You better appreciate it.

"Nightfall" is a ballad that will eventually have your drunk ass singing and crying in the front row. "Contrition" is a fantastic acoustic interlude that leads to the mighty "Penance," a heavy and perfect closer. It rips and lets you breathe it in, clocking in close to 6 minutes without seeming too lengthy. Like a good roller coaster, you'll want to go back to this one over and over.

Carousel are amazing. Members Dave Wheeler (guitar, vocals), Jim Wilson (bass), Christopher Tritschler (guitar), and Jake Leger (drums) have uncanny chemistry. I wish this was a double album. You can't help but want more of a good thing. Good thing they're also in other awesome bands! Feel free to check out Outsideinside and Lady Beast. Do yourself a favor and buy this from Tee Pee Records. Save future mankind from shitty music and buy one for your little brother. Buy one for your Dad and tell him that our generation is pretty damn cool too.

If you're in the Pittsburgh area, catch the "Jeweler's Daughter" LP release show on Friday, September 6th at Belvederes with badass rock/ doomers Molasses Barge and Zeigeist!

Written by Jason Cantu

Thanks to Carl at Action PR for sending us a copy to review. Much appreciated.

Carousel - Jeweler's Daughter will be released on Tee Pee Records on August 20th 2013.

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