Sunday, 4 August 2013

Gogmagogical Records Test Press Competition


So fellow lovers of all things sludge, we have teamed up with Gogmagogical Records to present a kick ass competition.

How does a test press from one of The Sludgelord's favourite bands sound? Well that is exactly what we are offering you the chance to win. 

What band and vinyl you may ask.  Well, it is none other than St. Louis' very own sludge doom miscreants, Fister and their storming record, Violence.  We’re massive fans of the band and label, so it is no coincidence they teamed up to release this superb record on 10” vinyl earlier this year, in not one but 5 different colours. (I bought em all)  Anyway, here is a little information about the prize from Mark @ Gogmagogical Records

From the vinyl debut of Violence.  A total of 7 exist.  Three went to the band and one to Encapsulated Records who made the jackets.  Gogmagogical Records was left with 3 and they hand numbered each on heavy handmade folders.  Two will remain with the label and one is up for grabs to you folks at The Sludgelord!  See below for what you can win!


So, you might be thinking, ‘Enough bullshit, what do I have to do, to win this mofo’.  Well there is 3 parts. 

Part 1) Go to the respective pages on facebook using these links Gogmagogical Records and Fister.  Simply like their pages if you haven't already.  We need to spread the word about these guys.

Part 2).  Copy this picture, repost on facebook or twitter and use hastags as decribed below. #Gogmagogicalrecords #FisterDoom, then the picture.  Repost must be able to be viewed by the Public.

Part 3). Simply tell us, which Doom/Sludge record deserves to be released on vinyl and why? (A record which has not previously been released).  Once you’ve decided email us at and

Once you’ve done all three things, Mark and I will choice the winner at random.  That winner will receive the test press.  You dig?  That simple!  The winner will be announced on our facebook page and we'll tell you which record they chose too. 

The competition will run for seven days directly after this article goes live.  So midnight on Sunday 11th August 2013. So don’t delay.  Get on this shit!  It is an amazing prize! 

Finally, It is worth mentioning, that this prize will be posted worldwide and is open to everyone, I repeat everyone.  So Good luck. 

Check out the links for more info on the band and label.  You can listen to this amazing record below.