Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Heavy Co - Midwest Electric - Review

Midwest Electric cover art

The Heavy Co is a Blues Rock/Stoner Rock Band from Lafayette, Indiana. USA

The members are:

Ian Daniel - Guitars
Jeff Kaleth - Drums

The Heavy Co might seem a very boring band from their simple album cover but appearances can be deceiving as their excellent new album – Midwest Electric – proves from start to finish. The Heavy Co play a Heavy Blues style of Stoner Rock to power your brain rocking cells too.

I originally featured these guys back in 2011 when I reviewed their excellent EP - The Heavy (Please Tune In). It is great to see the guys have not changed their style one bit. Midwest Electric features seven superb tracks all proving what truly talented storytellers the band actually are. Especially on tracks - Neil Young, A Groove A Mile Ride and One Big Drag – all wonderful tales of Americana told through the power of Stoner Rock.

The Heavy Co never stray away from the Blues Rock roots and that makes them such a true down-to-earth band we all need to hear once in a while. There are plenty of heavy rocking riffs to be found here. It might start of very mellow but wait until the heavy Stoner Metal riffs of Greasy Mush kick in you know you are in for a great time. Definitely one of the albums standout tracks.

Vocalist Ian – is on fine form through out the album. He has a powerful voice that will keep you entertained through out. However, it is the excellent musicianship of this world-weary band of musical outlaws that will keep you coming back for more. I always love when bands put Blues Rock into their music as it gives their music a sad world weary tone but somehow The Heavy Co still leave you with a warm glow inside your body.

The Heavy Co is one of the finest Blues-Stoner Rock band currently out there. Midwest Electric is a love letter to America of old where music meant something to people in their daily lives. It told of their struggles and fight for survival. It is great a band like The Heavy Co is embracing this old style ethos with a modern hard rocking edge. It is the best of both worlds where the modern world embraces the past with open arms and that is what The Heavy Co is all about.

Midwest Electric is a journey into America’s forgotten past while trying to reconnect it with a modern audience. And that’s what I dig about this album. It’s not afraid to embrace the past while forging new connections with today’s style of riffage.

The Heavy Co deserve all the praise coming their way. As this album is an outstanding album the guys should rightly be proud of.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

You can buy Midwest Electric from The Heavy Co BandCamp Page Now. Thanks to the band for kindly sending me a promo copy to review.

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