Thursday, 8 August 2013

Vinyl Corner : Round Up

The following vinyl releases are some 'sure-shots' from my ever-growing underground record collection. They're all guaranteed to make your body rock and take your block right off. The first is brand-spanking-new and the other two are reminders, in case you put buying them on the back burner.


HOLLOW LEG - Abysmal

One of the most recent additions to the stack, from Last Anthem Records. Super-heavy, gritty, swampy sludge outta Florida. I can get into this stuff, influenced by Eyehategod, Bongzilla, etc. I think you'll dig it, too. Featuring members of Junior Bruce. Three colors to choose from: purple, flesh-tone and red. You should be ordering now.


Bostonian bass/drum duo create such a huge, monstrous sound, which I think is a lot like a mixture of Sons Of Otis and Kyuss. The tunes are bluesy, groovy and heavy as hell with varied vocal styles. Brown vinyl is still available from Hydro-Phonic Records. You definitely need this one. Don't wait any longer.


Came across this 2-track e.p. while browsing the best-selling 'rock' vinyl section, yet I think it could also be featured in the metal category since it's more of a doom-sludge hybrid. Fuzzy guitars, monumental grooves and surprisingly great vocals. Released by Devizes Records last year. About 15 left from the band, otherwise you'll have to check the label or distributors.

So there you go. Partake of the heaviness, and as always...

Support the underground.