Thursday, 29 August 2013

Beelzefuzz - S/T Album Review

Beelzefuzz is a Hard Rock/Doom Metal Band from Maryland, USA

The members are:

Darin McCloskey- Drums
Pug - Bass
Ortt - Guitar/Vocals

Beelzefuzz have been gathering momentum within the Doom Metal scene since they released their acclaimed demo release back in 2012. Soon after, they signed to The Church Within Records. Now they have released their eagerly awaited debut S/T album.

Beelzefuzz sound is a mixture of Space Rock, Stoner Rock and Hard Rock all held together by a superb Progressive Doom Metal vibe to give the band an epic hard edged sound. Ortt’s vocals have a distinct Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson vibe to them. Equally powerful as the riffs that are on the album.

First track – Reborn – may have shades of Black Sabbath running through out but give these excellent cosmic prog-rockers a chance as they have plenty of cool tricks of their own to slay you with. The lyrics have a dark twisted feel to them matching the excellent fast-paced instrumental work the band is laying down.

Second track – Lotus Jam – is where the band starts adding layers of fuzz and space rock to build upon the Doom Metal riffage coming at you at full force. Beelzefuzz have written a great riff that gives this song a huge likeability factor. The lyrics tell an action packed story that makes the 3:43 minute running time feel twice as long and that is no bad thing. Definitely one of the album’s standout tracks.

The next track – All The Feeling Returns – is where Beelzefuzz lay claim to being a superb band in there own right. A brilliantly written track will appeal to both Stoner Rock and Doom Metal fans. 60s Psych Rock matched 70’s Hard Rock riffs with the band on top form through out. If this song were written in the 70s, it would have been labelled a classic track of the era. Sabbath, Zepplin and Deep Purple fans will be in their element here, as this track will take them back to their younger days.

Beelzefuzz push the 70s Hard Rock vibe upto maximum level and the album is simply better for it. Check out the excellent track – Sirens Song – that sounds like a lost Sabbath track being discovered 30 years later. It still sounds so fresh and original and it is to the bands credit they do not complicate things by including loud harsh vocals. This is good old-fashioned Hard Rock we all know and love.

Beelzefuzz do add elements of Space Rock to the album as things take a very cosmic vibe. On the other hand, that could be my own misconceptions. Nevertheless, I feel their track – Hypnotize – is a 7:08 minute epic that is starts with a trippy space rock vibe. It actually does have the power to hypnotize you. The song feels that it will take over your mind and do some very bad things indeed. Then the band snaps you out of this deep state and propels you into the land of Doom/Hard Rock. However, there is still something dangerous lurking in the background. Beelzefuzz maybe do have the power to hypnotize you.

Beelzefuzz sound maybe very hard to describe especially with the different genres they combine to great effect. It is too the bands credit they have a huge likeability factor running through out. Some of the lyrics maybe dark but you are still having way too much fun head banging to the riffs.

The album is expertly produced. The sound is clean and crisp which projects Beelzefuzz’s sound to maximum levels. The album maybe on an a brisk 36 minutes but it’s a fast paced 36 minutes you can listen to over and over again. You are never bored for a second as the album keeps you entertained through out.

Beelzefuzz have delivered an excellent album that should win them a huge following within the Stoner/Doom Metal scene. I expect big things from the band in the years to come. However, for now let us enjoy their superb debut album. They deserve all the rewards and praise coming their way.

Highly Recommended.

Beelzefuzz S/T Debut album is now available to buy on The Church Within Records. Thanks to the label for sending ourselves a promo to review. Much appreciated.

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Check out the excellent video for - All The Feeling Returns.