Thursday, 29 August 2013

Vinyl Corner : Strikes Back!!!

Ready? I'm fixin' to go all instrumental on that ass after I get nasty and rub a little American sludge on it first. We'll also stoner-doom it up some in Poland and Russia. I have a new heavy-hitting 7" record for ya right off the bat, but then I'm switching gears to a more laid-back vibe and a pre-order from a new Canadian rock band, and finally, shaking things up with couple of heavy underground releases from eastern Europe. Cool? Bear the fuck with me please because these are all great tunes dammit.

SUNBURSTER - SolarBipolar (Indian Teeth Records)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this IS called the SLUDGElord blog. Right? I'd better include some of that for you guys more than once in a while then. Ya think? Here's the newest foul, putrid sludge outta Philly, which appears to be developing quite the underground scene as of late. Or maybe it's always been there and I'm only noticing now. This record is tiny in size but it's huge riff-wise, featuring three tracks from a splendidly earth-shaking quartet who list Eyehategod and Cavity among their influences. That's what I, and hopefully you, like to read. From the label: "contact highs and crushing lows.." There's a limited pressing of 420 copies on 7" lime green or black vinyl. Get. On. It.

TUMBLEWEED DEALER - s/t (Mind Control Records)

Easy there, big fella. We don't always have to be so aggressive. This is the kind of intoxicating, instrumental record you can listen to while sitting around visiting with friends and enjoying good food, drink and conversation with each other. It's also great for relaxing and kicking back on your own. Or maybe during a loud Sunday drive in the country - if you get the digital version. To me, there's a strong 70's, bluesy feel tugging at my imagination. That's what I love about instrumental music sometimes: it becomes part of my own little world in my large head, often being the catalyst for my thoughts and emotions. I was surprised to learn this new Canadian rock band includes the drummer from Dopethrone. Like it? Need your vinyl fix from Tumbleweed Dealer? It's up for pre-order right now with a projected Sept. 18 release date. No pressing info.

DOPELORD - Magick Rytes (Heavy Metal Vomit Party)

Sometimes a band's name is more than a hint of what type of music they play. Such is the case with the following two underground groups from Poland who tear it up with THC-infused riffage. Definitely something wicked happening over there; maybe it's in the water. Dopelord's Magick Rytes came out digitally over a year ago and we hungrily gobbled up all the fulfilling, 70's-sprinkled heaviness there was to be had. I'm SO glad it's finally getting the wax treatment it deserves and you probably are too. Vinyl is out NOW from a new DIY label in Slovakia.

This is the first release for Heavy Metal Vomit Party and it's a stellar one. A one-time pressing on a sweet olive-green/black color blend to match the album artwork and is limited to 300 copies on heavyweight 180-gram wax. Hand-numbered. Unfortunately, the only way to get it is by contacting the label or the band. I have a feeling that they're all gonna be real busy with mail in the coming weeks.

BELZEBONG - Dungeon Vultures (Instant Classic) single

I need a full-length album outta these instrumental riff-slingers from Poland. Love them, but an e.p. and a single totaling five tracks just don't cut it for me. Fucking teases. What the hell have these guys been doing the past couple years? Oh yeah. All I have to do is read the last four letters of their name. Really wish Belzebong would put the water pipe down long enough to maybe focus on a full-length length double lp for fans like me. I know they can do it; I have faith in them. Their 14-minute, 12" single that came out earlier this spring, Dungeon Vultures, is limited to 350 copies (45 rpm). Who knows? Maybe you'll get one of the 42 custom Ouija paper inserts. I didn't. The main drawback for me concerning the record, aside from outrageous shipping to the U.S., is the blank side. That's just wrong - and a damn waste of vinyl.

THE MOON MISTRESS - Silent Voice Inside (Demonized Records)

Russian Federation's answer to Electric Wizard, with one helluva strong, fuzzy vintage vibe. This is really HEAVY lo-fi doom. The songs are very catchy and memorable with great vocals. Silent Voice inside is the first and only vinyl output for the DIY label located in Sweden. I've loved the Moscow-based, 3-piece band for good while, including their splits with Old One and Snakerider, but I'm just now getting around to buying their awesome full-length debut 2 lp record that came out last summer. Sorry guys. Classic black vinyl is fitting and I think it's also available on cd/cassette from Pestis Insaniae Records and Nomos Dei Productions, respectively. Check it out please. If you love it as much as me and want the vinyl, contact the label's social media page because there isn't an online store to visit. Talk about underground.

Whew. Get enough riffs there? Hope so. I'll try to keep digging up the heavy underground and finding more treasures for ya to hear. Until the next vinyl corner...a few more records I'll be watching for - and most likely, talking about - in the coming months.

TOMBSTONES - Red Skies And Dead Eyes (Soulseller Records)
STEAK - Disastronaught, Corned Beef Colossus (Spinning Goblin/Napalm)
UZALA - Tales Of Blood & Fire (King Of The Monsters Records)
TRUCKFIGHTERS - The Chairman ep (Last Hurrah Records)
FROM BEYOND - One Year ep (Totem Cat Records)
STONEHELM - s/t (Totem Cat Records)

Support the underground.