Saturday, 17 August 2013

The Midnight Ghost Train - Live At Roadburn 2013

Live At Roadburn 2013 cover art

The Midnight Ghost Train is a Stoner Rock Band from Topeka, KS, USA

The members are:

Steve Moss-guitar and vocals
Brandon Burghart-drums
Mike Boyne-bass

We are big fans of The Midnight Ghost Train at Sludgelord. We reviewed their excellent album Buffalo in 2012. And Aaron interviewed them last year.

So yeah we are definitely fans of this hugely talented Blues Rock/Stoner Rock Combo. Well they have a new live album out. Live At Roadburn 2013 courtesy of those excellent dudes at Burning World Records.

This is another outstanding release from their Live At Roadburn series which has featured many top class bands such as - Conan, Wino, Yob, Bongripper, BONG and Church Of Misery. I feel that the Live At Roadburn series of albums are the best Live Album Series anywhere on the planet. Just my little humble opinion.

But it's The Midnight Ghost Train's time in the Roadburn spotlight. And what a fucking live album this is. It features the band at their best in front of a highly passionate Roadburn crowd. All embracing the bands style of Blues Inspired Heavy Stoner Rock. I didn't realised how loud this band actually is but this album is FUCKING LOUD!!!

First track - Foxhole - almost blew my hearing to smithereens. I had to turn the volume down. I thought I was listening to a different band. I had to check if it was The Midnight Ghost Train on my MP3 Player. Yep, It was.

So Kudos to Burning Records for producing and releasing such a loud and wonderful release. The album sees The Midnight Ghost Train unleash a string of excellent track from their back catalogue. You can see why the band have a formidable live reputation with the Stoner Rock crowd.

Check out excellent songs - A Passing Moment of Madness - Henry, Tom's Trip, Spacefaze an Ain't It A Shame. All proving The Midnight Ghost Train are a band you don't fuck around with. Their blend of Blues Delta Inspired Stoner Rock truly does have a dangerous edge and I loved every loud minute of this excellent album.

Right I am going to stop spoiling things for you. Burning World has this up for Buy Now Download on BandCamp so headover there now and Download this now. You won't be sorry!!!

If you want Physical Copies then order here.

This is a fucking brilliant release. Loud, Violent, Angry and Fun as Hell. Loved it. End Of.

Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

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