Saturday, 24 August 2013

A GOD OR AN OTHER - Towers of Silence

Towers of Silence cover art 

A God Or An Other is an Experimental Post-Black Metal Band from Seattle, Washington, USA

 The members are:

Sam Pickel: Drums/Vocals
Trent Boyd: Guitars/Vocals
Dustin Carroll: Bass 

 I originally featured this brilliant band back in Dec 2011 when I reviewed their excellent debut demo. Now the guys are back louder and angrier than ever. They have also managed to recruit a bass player and they sound more complete as a band.

They have just released their superb debut album - Towers of Silence. And what a fucking album it is. OK it does have the original demo's 3 tracks included here but they have been re-recorded and they sound better than ever.

The album runs for 72 mins and features some epic Post-Black Metal riffs tinged with heavy slabs of Psych Sludge Metal to fuck up your entire day!!!

A God Or An Other are one of the most uncompromising and brutal bands currently out there. Towers Of Silence proves they are a force to be reckoned with. If you're looking for something brutal, heavy and dangerous then this is the album for you. Check out the brilliant tracks - "From The Lowest Dungeon, To the Highest Peak", "Not an Eye Was Left Open to Weep for the Dead" and "Agate Passage".

All expertly written from this hugely talented band. The album does have some beautiful quiet post-rock moments thrown in amongst the chaos but it never stays quiet for long. The dual vocals of Trent and Sam are far too dangerous for the band to be quiet for long periods. They are pissed off at the world and they are going to unleash their anger and fury at the entire world. So either join them or perish in the untold destruction that is left behind.

If you're a fan of Wolves In The Throne Room or THOU then your going to feel right at home here. As the band have some dangerous vibe as those two legendary bands. I am just warning you that you will be in for a very bleak ride indeed. Moods and riffs collide into a war of noise and it's impossible to escape from.

This is an incredible album from these hugely talented extreme metallers. It has taken me a while to listen to since the band contacted me in early July to check out their new album. At times I was afraid to look around me as the band will give you a sense of fear or dread for the world you live in.

Towers Of Silence will hopefully give A God Or An Other some much needed exposure as they deserve to terrify the hell out of a bigger audience as possible. I loved this album and if you're into extreme music this could become one of your fave records of 2013.

A brilliant and powerful record from one of the best extreme metal bands I have heard in ages.

You can download this now on BandCamp Buy Now Download. So headover there now if you want some new nightmares to scare the living hell out of you.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

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