Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bloody Hammers - Spiritual Relics - Review

Spiritual Relics cover art

Bloody Hammers is an Occult/Doom/Hard Rock Band from Transylvania County, North Carolina

The members are:

Anders: Bass/Vocals
Zoltan: Guitar
Devallia: Organ
Mendoza: Drums

So 12 months on from their acclaimed debut album – Bloody Hammers are back with their eagerly awaited follow up – Spiritual Relics. A haunting odyssey, which carries on the dark tales, laid out on their first album.

I had my doubts that Bloody Hammers could release a worthy follow up to their excellent debut album. But I was wrong. This album is even better than their debut. It is darker, creepier and loaded with heavier riffs. Opening track – What’s Haunting You – shows the band is a much tighter unit than before. The song has a spooky atmosphere running through out with some cracking riffs and vocals exploring the dark world the band are laying out before you.

At The Well of Nazareth carries on the creepy vibes, Bloody Hammers are masters at. The lyrics have a deeper meaning to them but still spliced with occult overtones to chill your soul to. Though wait until the riffs kick in. Showing long time fans they have not forgot to include some superb riffs to rock out to.

3rd Track – The Transit Begins – is a slow burning track full of atmosphere slowly creeping in before Bloody Hammers unleash their potent blend of Doom/Stoner Rock with a dark and delicious twist. This song starts very quietly before Bloody Hammers unleash hell on the unsuspecting listener.

You start to feel this album is going to take you on a dark and twisted journey through the dark arts all told through the power of Doom/Occult Rock. The songs start to become slightly darker and even creepier. But you cannot deny the sublime riffs the band has at their disposal. Especially on excellent track – The Source - which has superb spooky lyrics matched with top-notch riffage that sounds like the perfect soundtrack to Halloween. Dark, dangerous, intoxicating and ever so mysterious!!!

Spiritual Relics plays out like a lost soundtrack to a classic obscure 70s horror movie being discovered for the first time. Bloody Hammers have added elements from 60s & 70s Hard Rock and blended them with modern Doom/Occult/Stoner Rock atmospherics. There are some excellent Keyboards playing in the background. It gives Spiritual Relics a scary edge as it cranks the tension way up as your not expecting it.

One of the albums standout tracks – Night of the Long Knives – shows you how far the band has progressed since their debut album. This track is one of the finest tracks that Bloody Hammers have written so far. Great riffs and lyrics combine to give you more thrills and chills that a modern day horror movie can ever imagine.

Spiritual Relics is a work of twisted insane genius from this hugely talented band of demonic rockers. But do not think the album is all about spills and chills. Nope. Bloody Hammers even show their tender loving romantic side with the excellent track – Science Fiction. A great title. This track oozes atmosphere with its tender melodic soothing guitars and heartfelt lyrics. Yeah this is Bloody Hammers – Lighter/Mobile in the Air – song. All great bands need a track like this. To slow things down and to show the audience they can do tender loving moments. But wait… Listen to the lyrics and you see that Bloody Hammers have written a beautiful Occult Rock Love Song with a sad vibe running through out.

It is a brave decision for the band to end the album like this but it works as it shows there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. If you are ever in a dark place in your life then I urge you to listen to this track, as it will bring a warm glow to your body and soul. Powerful stuff indeed.

Bloody Hammers are one of the finest Occult Rock bands currently out there and Spiritual Relics will only enhance that reputation.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Carl at Action PR/Jan from Sureshotworx for providing ourselves with copies to review.

Spiritual Relics will be out to buy from October 1st 2013 on Soulseller Records.

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