Monday 26 May 2014

Paganizer - Cadaver Casket (On A Gurney To Hell) EP (Review)

Album Type : EP
Date Released : 4/4/2014
Label : Cyclone Empire

Cadaver Casket (On a gurney to hell), track listing:

1. On A Gurney To Hell
2. Rot
3. Deranged World (Bonustrack)

4. Souls For Sale
5. Afterlife Burner
6. It Came From The Graveyard

Bio :

In 1994 Terminal Grip was started. Four years and two demos later the band was transformed into Paganizer, a beast that steadily started to spew forth thrashing death metal the oldschool way. During the late 90s and the 00s several releases was released on several labels, albums like ‘Deadbanger’, ‘Promoting Total Death’, ‘Dead Unburied’, ‘Murder Death Kill’, ‘No Divine Rapture’ and ‘Carnage Junkie’ solidified their brand of ugly brutal yet catchy death metal. After a European tour through Spain and Portugal the band reformed after a short break and signed to Cyclone Empire who released the ‘Scandinavian Warmachine’ album as well as the highly recommended ‘Into The Catacombs ‘ (2011).

In 2013 the time was right to expand the filth and spew forth the new album ‘World Lobotomy’ with another 12 songs, all ranging from oldschool Swedish death metal to crusty grinding attacks and more epic massive beasts.

Now be ready for the next blast of this undeniable death-machine, that celebrates its 20th birthday in 2014!

The Band :

Rogga Johansson | Guitars, Vocals
Dennis Blomberg | Lead Guitars
Matte Fiebig | Drums

Review :

Paganizer. Swedish. Death. Metal. I could leave the review there... but I will expand. This is a cracking EP from a prolific death metal band who are every inch the real deal.

Sad about Dismember's demise? Upset over Entombed's current farcical state? Neither of those emotional states are very death metal are they? Time to forget about those issues, break out the camo trousers, lace up the 12 eyelet boots and get down the gym (preferably at your own home/garage so you don't have to see anyone who thinks that having a “haircut” is important) or maybe practise blast beats on a double bass drum (double pedal?! Never!) kit with multiple toms or... do whatever is the most DM thing you can think of is.

Paganizer supply the perfect noise: it's brutal, noisy and has all elements present and correct. Buzz-saw guitars, live sounding drums, feral vocals and six tracks of death metal perfection are what you get. From On A Gurney To Hell through to It Came From The Graveyard there is no let up and no compromise. For fans of the two aforementioned bands and others such as Entrails and Grave. Real death metal for those brave enough to try it. Please do- it's great.

Words : Richard Maw

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